Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter Review

Best Nano Quadcopter Review | Best Cheap Drone

One Fabulous Flying Machine the Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter, This will make a fantastic Quadcopter Gift this Christmas.

RC Quadcopter from Cheerson
Fantastic RC Nano Quadcopter from Cheerson



Update -11-204: The Orange colored Cheerson CX-10 for sale on the Banggood EU has the new Green Flight Control Board offering slightly more stability than the previous version. Banggood have kindly sent me one for review purposes and I will update this page as soon as it arrives.

Update 22-10-204: If anyone thinks this remarkable Quadcopter is just for flying indoors they would be wrong. I’ve just taken my CX-10 outside put it in advanced mode and had a blast with it. Fabulous fast flying fun 🙂 and superb flips. Now well over 20,000 sold by Banggood

 Best Selling Quadcopter 0f 2014

Once in while along comes a product that instantly becomes a best seller and the remarkable Cheerson CX-10 Nano RC Quadcopter fits into this category. There are many models that have tried to dominate the Nano sized Quadcopter market but none have been as successful as this fabulous flying machine. Things have just got better for UK and USA buyers as Banggood have it in stock for immediate delivery from a local warehouse.. I would like to find a better Christmas gift for £15 that will give endless hours of enjoyment to all the family. Please do not be fooled by the small size and ridiculously low price of this model it is packed with technology. With the advanced 6 axis flight control board it can perform intricate acrobatics that will astound onlookers. You will get about 5 minutes flying time from the inserted 100mAh Lipo battery and it will take approximately 30 minutes to recharge. If the charge is low on the battery the leds light start flashing and it’s time to land and recharge.

The imacman Flyin’ Ryan is well known for his great Quadcopter reviews and this is what he had to say about this model,

“This is an awesome Nano Quadcopter, it is very stable, performs insanely tight flips, has a fast yaw rate, the leds are great for night flying and it’s so cool I can’t get enough of it, TOTALLY AWESOME!

Super trowel Banggood Review.

“I have bought loads of these and given them as gifts and they always put a smile on the receivers face”

Banggood have already sold over 24,000 of these amazing flying machines and since receiving mine I have a big regret, I should have got one earlier! 

RC Quadcopter from Cheerson
The Cheerson CX-10 Amazingly Small, Outstandingly Good!

This Quadcopter has been generously provided by Banggood in order to make an impartial unbiased review. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to test and fly this fabulous flying machine.

Here goes with my review.

I’ve been flying the Flying3D X6 recently so this will be a dramatic drop in size, this is my first Nano and I can’t wait. I ordered the review CX-10 RC Quadcopter from Banggood’s EU Site on a Thursday morning and received it on the following Monday which is excellent for the Channel Islands. It was extremely well packed as always so no chance of it getting damaged in the post. The size of the Drone is definitely the first thing that hits you, it is incredibly small not much bigger than a UK Fifty Pence Piece and as you can see by the image below fits into the palm of my small hand. I charged it up with the supplied USB charger it took about 15 minutes and I was ready to get it up in the air. I popped a couple of AAA batteries into the tiny remote control switched on the Quadcopter and the led lights were flashing. I then switched on the transmitter and this left only the two right sided leds blinking, I pushed the throttle full forward (left stick for mode 2) one beep and then pulled it back, another beep and the leds stopped blinking and the led on the transmitter turned from red to green. The Quadcopter had bound to the transmitter and it was ready for take-off. The remote control whilst small felt comfortable it my hands and teasing the throttle stick forward it lifted it off the ground. Be careful not to be too jerky with the throttle control keep the movement steady as it lifts. You do get a little drifting due to the turbulence caused by the ‘Propeller wash’ so it it’s advisable to get it up to approximately 3 feet. Once it is up in the air it is far more stable than any other Quadcopter I’ve flown. The ‘Yaw’ that changes the angle of the forward motion to left or right is affected by moving the throttle stick in the desired direction. The Yaw rate on this Nano Quadcopter is extremely good so the slightest movement on the stick will cause the Quadcopter to change direction. Always remember if you are starting out to always fly slow and fly low. You will have a few crashes but don’t worry this Drone despite its tiny size is extremely robust and durable and spare parts are inexpensive. The right stick in mode 2 will push the Quadcopter forward or bring it back toward you and pushing the stick to the left or right will cause the craft to bank or tilt. If you are a complete beginner then I suggest you practice the basic moves over and over again until you have mastered the controls. It can be frustrating at first but after a while your confidence will grow and when ready you have the option to fly the Nano in different flight modes. These options make the CX-10 RC Quadcopter a perfect learning tool.


Cheerson Quadcopter
A Quadcopter in the Hand is Worth Two in the Post!

The Cheerson CX-10 has three flight modes the junior perfect for beginners (this shows a green light on the transmitter) an intermediate rate (Red Led, two beeps of the TX) and advanced rate (Red Led and three beeps). The different rates are set by pressing the throttle in and the transmitter will beep to indicate which rate you are in. Use the advanced rate if you want to fly fast.

When it comes down it for fun flying indoors this Nano Quadcopter is simply the best value you can buy and will make a special gift for any occasion. When there is little wind it is great for outdoor flying especially in the advanced mode. The flips are awesome and unlike many other models you press the right stick in mode 2 this enables the flip function, the Quadcopter will flip once and then you will be back in your previous flight mode there is no need to worry about it flipping again or disabling the flip function.


Hubsan X4 and Cheerson CX-10
The CX-10 alongside the Hubsan X4 H107C HD



Item name: Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Size: 40 x 40 x 22mm
Flight time: about 5-8 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes
Control distance: about 20-50M
Battery for the RC Quadcopter: 3.7V 100mah
Battery for transmitter: 2 x AAA battery(not included)
Colour selection: Pink, Orange, Green and Blue
Certificate: EN71,EN62115,ROSH,HR4040,ASTM,RTTE,CE.

 Cx-10 Features:

4 channel mini rolling Quadcopter
Throw to fly, real 6 axis gyro
Up/down/left/right/side flight/hover/flip / hand launch
3 flight speed mode
4 Vibrant colours are available
Low voltage alarm
With LED light for night flight

Please do not use powerful AAA battery for the transmitter, normal batteries are perfect,
using high powered batteries can cause the transmitter to get too hot and burn out.

Your Gift Package Includes:

1 x Cheerson CX-10 Nano RC Quadcopter in a Gift Box
1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x USB Battery charging cable
4 x Spare Propellers

Spare Part for Quadcopter
Propeller Protector for the CX-10 RC Quadcopter


Syma and Cheerson Quadcopters
The CX-10 Hitchin’ a ride on the Syma X5C


  1. I just got mine today. A friend got me an Amazon gift card and I stumbled upon this gem. I’ve never had or used a quad copter before, although I’ve seen them plenty of times. First off the downfall. I reeeeeeally wish it would’ve came with the propeller protector, but unfortunately it doesn’t. However it does come with 4 replacement blades, so that’s good for the time being until I can get a protector. Not to jinx myself, but things like this do tend to break (the blades specifically) if it hits something too hard and the wrong way. What I do is if I see it’s going to make a hard landing, I stop the propellers and that’s a slight less chance they’ll spin into the ground/wall and snap.

    Besides that is the obvious with the battery life, however it makes up with the charge speed/time which is about only 15 minutes when it’s drained to the point where it won’t fly anymore. Besides that I found no other flaws with it really. It does take some getting use to, but it’s great that is has a few speeds and is good to practice with at the “beginner” level. It is very responsive which is great as well.

    Overall I can say I’m very happy with my purchase. I didn’t get to pick the color I wanted and got the orange by default, however unless I overlooked it in your review I did read somewhere that the orange ones have a better “board” inside and in turn has a better response, which guess is good, but i probably would’ve gotten then green hehe. Anyways if anyone were to ask if they should get one I’d say go for it.

  2. Hi, I am brand new to flying, i bought two of these little treats, and at first i had many crashes and many broken props, I was going to give up on them but then all of a sudden i clicked with it!! ! I found them very enjoyable to fly, they do exactly as you ask with the controller without delay and was surprised with the height and range these little beauties can achieve. Great bargain for the price so if you are in two minds getting one then don’t be!! GET ONE !!!

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