Quadcopter Gifts for Experience Drone Flyers

The Perfect Quadcopter Gift | Drone Gifts

If your partner, friend or family member has gotten in flying Nano or Micro Quadcopters and you are looking to spoil them with a surprise Birthday or Christmas gift then we have some great recommendations for you. Choosing the right model at the right price can sometimes be a daunting task, we are here to help.

Quadcopter Gift for Aerial Photography

If it is Aerial Photography that the recipient would like to get into (they may have already experimented using the superb Micro Hubsan X4 H107C HD Quadcopter or one of the WLtoys Best Quadcopter with Camera models) then the DJ Phantom FC40 will make a dream gift for them. Unlike some of the cheaper Quadcopters that mimic the DJI Phantom range and need the user to attach a Mobius or GoPro camera this model comes with a camera attached and is almost ready to fly out of the box. Retailing at just under $500 we rate this as the Best Quadcopter with Camera as an introduction to Professional Aerial Photography. It will allow the user to master their flying skills without the necessary expense of a GoPro camera and Quadcopter Gimbal. If there is a better example available at this price with these hi-tech flying features we have yet to come across it, makes a fantastic Birthday or Christmas Gift.

Phantom FC40 Quadcopter Gift
Best Entry Level Quadcopter for Aerial Photography the FC40 makes a fantastic Christmas Gift


Quadcopter Gift Review
The Fabulous DJI Phantom FC40 5 STAR PLUS RATED

The Cheerson CX-10 The Perfect Stocking Filler

RC Quadcopter from Cheerson
Fantastic RC Nano Quadcopter from Cheerson


This Fantastic tiny little Quadcopter will not disappoint even the most experienced flyer. Fabulous flying fun guaranteed, great gift box and ridiculously cheap price.

Quadcopter Gift Review
Cheerson CX-10 5 STAR PLUS RATED

 RC Quadcopter with Camera

For a similar RC Quadcopter with camera at a cheaper price the Wltoys V303-B Seeker Quadrocopter makes a suitable alternative to the Phantom. This RC Quadcopter retails at a tad under $400 and like the Phantom is ready to fly straight out of the box. The camera is wide angled and has a slightly higher spec than the one on the FC40.


Drone  Quadcopter Gift foe Sae
Drone Quadcopter Gift for Sale


First Person View Quadcopter Gifts

Other experienced flyers may wish to experience First Person View (FPV) Flying and there are a number of  new models suitable for this.

FPV RC Quadcopter
FPV RC Quadcopter from WLtoys V666


Wltoys V666 FPV Quadcopter  is a new entrant to this space


The UDI 818 RC Quadcopter shown below will be released in time for Christmas. Both these models come from reputable suppliers the V666 will retail at $179.99 and the 818 at  $99.99.


Latest FPV Quadcopter from UDI
UDI U818 First Person View RC Quadcopter Drone


FPV Quadrotor Gift
The Flying3D X6 FPV Quadcopter

It has been confirmed today that Flying 3D will be sending a X6 Personal Reconnaissance FPV Quadcopter off to me tomorrow. I really like the look of this RC Quadcopter and will post an in depth review as soon as it arrives. This latest FPV Quadcopter has fail-safe return to home and land, GPS navigation and a headless flying mode. READ THE REVIEW CLICK THIS LINK


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