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 Jian Jian Toys F182 Super Scorpio RC Quadcopter


RC Quadcopter
JJRC Latest Quadcopter




The JJRC Super Scorpio F182 RC Quadcopter Ready to fly

RC Quadcopter Review
Super Scorpio RC Quacdopter and the Hubsan X4 H107C HD

11am 05-09-2014

I just got this RC Quadcopter from Eachbuyer and I received the package in 9 days from ordering. I ordered this Quadcopter from China and arrived at my home in Jersey Channel Islands in 9 days, how good is that? The package was a little crumpled but fortunately no damage to the contents. Although I’m a Grandfather I revert to being like child when I’m expecting a new RC Quadcopter such is the pleasure I get from flying them. I wasn’t expecting this  arrive so quickly but when it did I literally felt like a kid with a new toy. I had it out the package and as the battery had charge in it I was up and flying in less than 4 minutes! First impressions; simple to set up super stable and easy to control, it felt as if I could have put the transmitter down and it would have stayed in a fixed position. I was flying with the protector cover on which adds a bit of weight to the Quadcopter but it was responsive to the transmitter and has a better yaw rate than my Syma XC5 Explorer. I thought I would checkout 3D Flying and I must admit the flips were awesome, very tight, fast and smooth. Led strips along the reverse of the arm are great for orientation. Going to charge battery up and remove the protector cover to enter Scorpion Mode and see how it performs with the lighter body weight. Thought to myself, need to buy more batteries 100 minutes is a long wait! I’m loving this Quadcopter can’t wait to get it up in the air again.

I’m not going to be too hasty reviewing the Super Scorpio Quadcopter and I’m really going to enjoy the experience of getting and flying  a new Quadcopter model.

When you take the protector cover off the Scorpio body looks pretty impressive. The instruction manual comes with a separate sheet that explains the setup for new players’ mode. What I did find is when I took off the protector cover and was in outdoor mode and flipping any slight movement on the right stick would cause it to automatically flip again and it became uncontrollable perhaps this new player mode will sort this out. When the battery is fully charged up I will attempt to reset the transmitter, seems like it was designed to fly model airplanes. In the new player mode the diagram is indicating you perform flips (rolls) by pressing buttons on the transmitter rather than utilizing the right stick let’s see what happens. As with most of the manuals written in Chinese and translated into English they are not very clear as to what you should be doing. That’s why the Best Quadcopter Reviews are so helpful especially for beginners.

There is nothing like hands on flying experience to ascertain whether the RC Quadcopter is effortless fun to fly and good value for money.

What I do find frustrating with the JJRC Super Scorpio Quadcopter is the waiting time between charging.  As yet there are no spare batteries for sale and normal Lipo batteries used in Hubsan, Syma or Wltoys  Quadcopter won’t fit as the connection is specific to this RC Quadcopter. To me this is a big, big downside; the weather  is perfect here today and waiting 100 minutes to fly this Quadcopter is a wind up

Forget the new player mode.

Tried resetting the transmitter but this caused the controls to go weird so I reverted to the previous set up. I was back with the same issue I was in outdoor mode and wanted to give it some speed but as soon as I was too quick with the right stick it was flipping again.

Flip and Switch out of 3D mode

What I have enjoyed most about flying RC Quadcopters is shooting them forward, left and right, my Walkera Ladybirds V2’s give that fast flying experience and my Hubsan X4 H107C is a nippy flyer. It did seem with these larger models with geared motors and larger propellers you couldn’t get that speed. But with this model you really can, having got it all set up correctly now I’m having a blast with this RC Quadcopter

You have to do is ensure you switch out of  3D mode when you want it to stop flipping. Switch it on to flip then switch if off to fly fast

The more I’m flying it the more I’m enjoying it! Although switching out of the 3D mode needs to be learnt flipping or rolling using the stick is far more fun than pressing a button . Using the Quadcopter like this can only improve your flying skills and mind muscles. Its days like this that remind me how much fun these Quadcopters are to fly.

Quadcopters like the SymaX5 and the JJ Super Scorpio are great fun and they represent great value for money and are the perfect choice as a Quadcopter Gift for any occasion or if you are new to this exciting hobby, a perfect starting point.


RC Transmitter
Remote Control Tramsmitter for JJRC Super Scorpio


Ready to fly right out the box, just add 4 AA batteries to transmitter

Super stable

Fantastic entry level Quadcopter for beginners

Stunning flips even with main body propeller protector on

Great two piece design allows for fast change of canopies

Looks great with or without propeller protectors

Fast flyer at 100%

Low price

Fast delivery

Good yaw rate in low mode

Strong carbon arms

Double Battery gives longer flying time

Excellent Led lights for flight orientation and night flying

Enjoyment Guaranteed

Very durable and robust construction

Fly safely indoors

Hours of fabulous outdoor fun guaranteed

Value for money



Battery Connector Specific to this Model

Long charging time with no spare battery packs available as yet

Availability of Spare Quadcopter Parts

Confusing Manual

No Camera


Quadcopter Comparison

Tomorrow i will do a test JJRC F182 Super Scorpio v Syma X5C Explorers.

Beginner Quadcopter for Sale
The Syma X5C Quadcopter is the  Perfect RC Quadcopter For Beginners



6-9-2014: As you can see there is not a great deal of difference in size, when holding the two Quadcopters the Scorpio seems the heavier of the two. I’ve stripped down the Syma, taken  the camera off, the landing skids and propeller protectors. I’m also taking along my Walkera Ladybird V2 RC Quadcopter and  my Hubsan X4 H107C HD. The weather here looks perfect again today and I’ve got plenty of batteries charged. I will need to wait a few hours while the sun dries the dew on the grass so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the wind doesn’t pick up.


RC Quadcopter Challenge
JJRC Super Scopio v SymaX5C  Explorers Quadcopter Challenge

Well I spent most of the day flying the Syma X5C, a Walkera QR Ladybird V2 and a Hubsan X4 H107c HD unfortunately I also spent alot of the day waiting for my solitary Super Scorpio battery to charge. I cannot honestly recommend this Best Beginner Quadcopter until the position regarding spare parts is sorted out. If you are a complete beginner you will have crashes and need to replace parts. Whoever thought up the idea of the unique fiddly battery connection got this sadly wrong. It is a nightmare only having one battery and having a large stock of batteries that fit all my other Quadcopters except this model. In my opinion it flies slightly better than the Syma and the flips are awesome. The Syma on the other hand comes with almost everything in the box, camera, Sd card, card reader and a bigger transmitter, The JJRC transmitter is perfect for my tiny hands but will not suit everyone. I’m not giving up on this model just yet I going to see if I can find a vendor for the spare parts, get  the camera and the spare batteries and test some more. The Super Scorpio is great fun and I will fly it some more tomorrow.

Had some great fun with the JJRC F182 Quadcopter today , Sunday don’t worry my videos can only get better 🙂

8-9-2014: Couldn’t resist flying the Scorpio again today in a slight wind. It handled the wind extremely well and it is such a fabulous flying machine. For a fun flying experience it is easier to see than the Micro Hubsan and Ladybird, faster and more agile than the Syma 🙂

 JJRC should follow the example of WLtoys and ensure that merchants selling their products stock a full range of spares. You can buy 5 extra batteries for the V212 for only $18.99 and this will ensure you don’t have any frustrating waiting periods. If you don’t want to get into Aerial Photography  and want a great beginner Quadcopter that is larger that the Micro class then the V212 is well worth considering.

Beginners RC Quadcopter
Side View of the V212 Quadcopter for Beginners


 and read some great reviews on this model



  1. got the h8c from JJRC and used the new players mode. Lights and camera don’t function and can’t change the rate – from %50-%100. How did you reset to original?

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