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Drone technology is advancing at an exponential rate with new functionally and features being added to the flight control boards of many new models hitting the market place. There is some great  Low Priced Drone models that now offer you the experience of First Person View (FPV) flying. These drones will have a camera that will relay a feed back to a screen in or attached to the remote  control transmitter or a WiFi enabled smartphone app so you can view what the drone camera is seeing and capture your aerial video of photographs accordingly.
In this FPV Drone Review we will look at some of the very Best Low Priced FPV Drones currently for sale and some of the yet to be released models that will be on sale soon.

Hubsan X4 H107D Plus Micro FPV Drone
New Hubsan FPV Drone

Micro Sized FPV Drones
If you are looking for a small Low Priced FPV Drone model that you can use indoor or outside on a calm day, then the original Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Drone may be most suitable for you. Although this  FPV Drone from Hubsan has been superseded by a new model the Hubsan X4 H107D Plus our flying experience with both models coupled with the feedback we have received from the RC community is that for ease of use and flying performance the original H107D FPV model still remains the finest Micro sized FPV Drone you can currently buy. The new version Hubsan X4 H107D Plus has a new  functionality called altitude hold or high hold and whilst this feature is great for capturing aerial video and photographs it makes the H107D Plus harder to fly as the high hold feature is always  trying to get the Quadcopter Drone to remain at a fixed height. That said both the Hubsan X4 FPV H107D models are fantastic examples of Micro sized FPV Drones, well made, robust and easy to set up and experience the joy of FPV flying.
Another added advantage of buying the original Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Micro Drone is the availability of spare parts and extra batteries to extend your flying time. As of yet we cannot see spares available for the New Hubsan X4 H107D Plus although they will be coming soon. The New model uses a smart battery that is specially made for the H107D+ so if you want spare batteries for this FPV Micro Drone you only have one choice with the original H107D you have the choice of buying a number of different batteries that will fit this model

Quadcopter Drone Remote Control and FPV Screen
WL Q242G FPV Screen and Remote Control

If you are on a budget and feel the price tag on the Hubsan X4 H107D models is not in your price bracket don’t worry, there are a number of cheaper alternatives available in the Micro sized FPV  Drone class.
WLtoys Q242G Micro FPV Drone
The WLtoys Q242 G Micro FPV Drone represents excellent value at around $80 and is very easy to set up and fly. It has a good FPV screen on the remote control transmitter and is very well
constructed. What we really like about this particular Low Priced FPV Drone is that the remote control transmitter has a rechargeable Lipo battery. The FPV screens on these Low Priced Micro FPV  Drones really suck the batteries dry quickly so you need a good supply of AA batteries on the other models whereas with the WL Q242G you can charge the Lipo up and you’re ready to go again.
JJRC H6D Micro FPV Drone
Another Low Priced FPV Micro Drone worth a mention is the JJRC H6D, one of favourite Micro flyers the JJRC is just fabulous fun to fly. This one is priced at under $100 so again this is a value for  money model. You can use it to practice your FPV flying skills and use it as a fast fun flyer. It comes with a great remote control transmitter, a detachable FPV screen and you get all you need (except the batteries for the remote control) to get going at FPV flying and recording aerial videos and capturing aerial photographs.

We would also like to point out at this stage in our Low Priced FPV Drone Review that there are many Micro FPV Drones coming to the market that use WiFi smartphone apps to view the FPV image transmission. Our experience with these types of Micro FPV Drones is that there is a lag in the FPV transmission so you are not getting a real time view of what the camera is seeing. Whilst this  is not too bad when you are outside in a large open space but it makes FPV flying indoors in tight spaces harder that the Micro FPV models with dedicated screens.

Low Priced Mid/Mini Sized FPV Drones
WLtoys V686G FPV Drone
This is one model the Drone Flyers team have yet to test but having looked at the reviews and spoken to many of the respected Drone reviewers this WLtoys V66G is one of the best Mini Sized FPV Drones you can buy. JJRC also produce a V686G model but speaking with our friends in the Drone Industry they all recommend the WLtoys V686G as the better model to buy.
 Kai-Deng K70F FPV Drone
This New Kai-Deng K70F Sky Warrior really looks the part, it may be slightly more expensive than the V686G but the Kai-Deng has a great setup and is a fantastic FPV Drone for a number of reasons.
It’s a big sized drone with a good gearing system so it is capable if lifting GoPro sized action cameras. However, we would not recommend you go to the expense of buying a GoPro the FireFly 6S 4K  is an excellent Low Priced Alternative. With this in mind you can experience the thrills of FPV flying using the stock 2 Mega Pixel, the F70F has the functionality of altering the camera angle from the transmitter making it perfect for practicing your FPV skills. You can use the Kai-Deng FPV Drone for this purpose then substitute the stock FPV camera for your FireFly 6S and capture some  really decent aerial photography. The Drone Flyers Team will test and review this model as soon as it is released. we are looking forward to getting the very best aerial photography from the Kai- Deng K70F FPV Drone. If you go down this route you will have paid approximately $240 for the FPV Drone and the 4K FireFly 6S Action Camera and we would argue that you have good a great investment.
The FireFly 6S camera is a perfect take anywhere excellent Low Priced Action Camera and the results from it are stunning. You could use it on other drones you have or may buy in the future. The  Kai-Deng can be used as an FPV Drone, a Camera Drone or just as a big fast fun flyer. One of the leading Quadcopter and Drone reviewers has already tipped this K70 as a possible candidate for  Drone of 2016 so it has to be decent. The Drone Flyers Team are really excited about testing it. We use the similar sized Syma X8 and more recently the JJRC H26D to test action cameras. To do this  we need to add mounts to both the aforementioned models to attach the cameras. The Kai-Deng with its Gimbal/Dampner setup seems a far better option.

Kai-Deng K70F FPV Drone
Kai-Deng K70F Camera and Gimbal

Hubsan H501S FPV Camera Drone
This model has yet to go on sale on Banggood but it has been on sale for a number of weeks in Europe and this New Hubsan H501S looks the business.

Hubsan X4 H501S FPV Quadcopter
Latest Hubsan X4 H501S FPV Quadcopter

Priced at  $220 on Banggood and 4500 already on alert the New Hubsan H501S FPV Drone has an integrated camera, brushless motors and uses a similar remote control to the X4 H107D models.