Best Quadcopters for Beginners

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What is the Best Quadcopter for Beginners?

For those who have already had experience of flying remote control helicopters and airplanes the transition to flying RC Quadcopters or Drones is effortless. But if you are a complete novice to this fun hobby then you will want to select the right model according to your needs, budget and one that will be simple to set up and operate. Fortunately these days there is a number of available high quality Cheap  Quadcopters that are affordable and suitable for Drone flying beginners.
The first thing as a beginner you should consider is where you will be mainly flying your Drone, indoors or outside. Most of the smaller Nano Quadcopters sold today are perfect for indoor flying but will struggle outside in anything above a light wind.

 Nano Quadcopter for Beginners

The Cheerson CX10 has been a best seller in the Nano Drone class and they are soon to be releasing a new version of this model with an upgraded flight control board. The new version will come in the same vibrant colours pink, green, blue and orange and will be a bestselling gift at Christmas time. If you are a complete beginner then this Cheap RC Quadcopter is a steal as it will cost you only $18.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. You will get between 5 to 8 minutes flying time from a single battery charge that takes about 30 minutes. There are a number of similar Nano Quadcopters from other companies but having read the Best Quadcopter Reviews about this model it is the one we recommend for Quadcopter Beginners.

Beginner Quadcopter Cheerson CX10 Quadcopter
Cheerson CX10 Quadcopter Perfect Indoor Flyer



Micro Quadcopter for Beginners

If you are looking for a small sized Beginners Quadcopter that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying in a light wind then you are spoilt for choice. Some the Best Quadcopters in the Micro class are made by Hubsan and we can strongly recommend the X4 H107L or the version with a camera the H107C HD. Both these RC Quadcopters offer great value for money, you can purchase spare parts and if you’re that way inclined you can carry out modifications. There is a vibrant online community built around the X4 so help is always available should you require it. I would recommend you buy the H107C HD. You will pay a bit more but your Best Beginners Quadcopter will come with propeller protectors a must for flying indoors, a propeller removal tool and an on-board 2 Mega Pixel Camera. This model is a fantastic flyer that represents great value for money, a great introductory Quadcopter with the added benefit of Aerial Photography.


Cheap Beginner Quadcopter
Hubsan X4 H107 Updated with Leds


Hubsan X4 H107C Low Priced Quadcopter
Hubsan X4 H107C HD



Another Cheap Quadcopter for beginners is the much overlooked Walkera QR Ladybird V2. This was the first Quadcopter I got and have since bought three others one being the First Person View (FPV) model. I was crap when I started flying so I had to learn how to strip this model apart, replace broken parts and put it back together again something I can do now in a matter of minutes. For learning your flying skills this is in my mind the Best Quadcopter for Beginners.

Walkera Ladybird Quadcopter
Walkera Ladybird V2 Quadcopter with red canopy

Please note the V2 usually comes with a green canopy. 


Best Mid Sized Quadcopters for Beginners

There is a new breed of larger Cheap RC Quadcopters that offer value for money and are most suitable for new entrants to this Hobby. The Syma X5C is another Quadcopter I fly on a regular basis and I love it. For under $60 you get the full package a durable robust Quadcopter, blade protectors, landing skids, battery charger, 2 mp camera, Micro SD card, card reader and spare propellers. It is always great fun to fly, simple to repair (parts are ridiculously cheap) and performs great acrobatics. If you ever want to buy a Quadcopter Gift or a multi-rotor for yourself then this model should be considered.


Beginner Quadcopter for Sale
The Syma X5C Quadcopter is Perfect for Beginners



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