WLtoys V212 RC Quadcopter for Beginners

Beginner Quadcopter | Cheap RC Quadcopter

WLtoys V949 Upgraded V212 2.4G 6 Axis RC Quadcopter RTF Mode 2

“I am very impressed with this quad. It is bigger than the X4 and others in that class which makes it easier to fly outside. The motors are powerful and the quad ready can move. I strongly recommend it.”

I’ve been flying quads of all different sizes (nano up to 450) for a little while now, and I have to say this is one of the best bang-for-buck deals you’ll find. It’s stable, it’s fast (yaw is a little slow but not unbearable), it has decent punch, handles wind really well (especially if the canopy is removed), gives solid performance for at least 6-7 minutes. Very agile, and can recover well from “dumb” moves. I run this via a Devo10 Tx running the Deviation firmware, which really helps this little beast come alive…range and control is superb! (no experience using this with the stock Tx sorry) The canopy is a bit of a joke (looks-wise), but unless you’re really just starting out (and it’s fairly difficult to crash this quad stupidly – very stable and controllable) it works better without it (especially outside and in any wind). It even has enough beans to even pull a GoPro up with it to a reasonable altitude! Better, in my opinion, than the Syma X5 – more power, more control, a lot more capable. Banggood Reviews

Cheap Beginner RC Quadcopter
Upgraded WLtoys Cheap RC Quadcopter for Beginners



Brand Name: WLtoys
Item Name: V212 RC quadcopter
Material: PA
Quadcopter Weight: 65g(without battery)
Flight Time: about 10 minutes
Charging Time: 50 minutes
Range: 100-150 meters
Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 500 mAh
Battery For Transmitter: 6 x1.5 AA battery( not included)
Function: up, down, forward, backward, bank left, bank right, and yaw left and right, 3D moves!



Beginners RC Quadcopter
Side View of the V212 Quadcopter for Beginners



The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched. It resists grade 5 or 6 winds. Best of all, when the quad is hovering at a certain height, and the transmitter is powered off to allow the quad to fall freely; then just as it is about to hit the ground, power on the transmitter and give it full throttle. The quad will stabilize and hover in the air.
After the quad binds to the transmitter, fly it normally but keep it within the transmission range. Power off and on the transmitter, the quad is able to bind to the transmitter in mid air, and can continue with the flight.
High stability during hover and flight
Highly responsive propellers, able to give the quadcopter the “punch” when you need it
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying


RC Quadcopter Parts
Spare Parts available for RC Quadcopter



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