Cheerson Cx-10w Mini FPV Quadcopter

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Cheerson CX-10W CX10W Mini WiFi FPV With 720P Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter Drone

Remote Control Transmitter or Smartphone Control Mini Camera First Person View Drone (FPV) from Cheerson the latest in a superb range of Nano and Mini Flying Drones.

Latest CX-10W in Rose Pink

Cheerson CX-10W CX10W Mini Wifi FPV With 720P Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter
Mini Sized FPV CX10W Cheerson Quadcopter Drone

CLICK THIS LINK $31.99 for the app control version or $33.99 for the Remote control transmitter version.

You will get a real bird’s eye view from the Cheerson CX-10W the world’s smallest FPV Quadcopter Drone

I still have one of the original Cheerson CX-10 Nano Drones and it never fails to delight. Still unbelievable value at ONLY $15.99. It is super stable and super fun to fly and you can get the Cx-10 to perform 360 degree tight flips.

I was fortunate to review the Cheerson CX-10C and that is still most probably the smallest camera Quadcopter Drone ever produced.

Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter Review
Nano Quadcopter with Camera from Cheerson

CX-10C the World’s Smallest Camera Drone from Cheerson CLICK THIS LINK $24.99

Now Cheerson have released the CX-10W Wifi version of this great little Quadcopter Drone. I must admit I collect these little Nano Quadcopter Drones and Cheerson have consistently delivered the very best of them. The CX-10 Quadcopters are by volume the best selling drones of all time. I’m not a great fan of flying a Quadcopter via a mobile app so I’m pleased Cheerson have offered a version of the CX-10W with a remote control version and that’s the model I will add to my collection of tiny flying machines. No sure of the color I will chose they all look good to me. Perhaps the Golden version of the CX-10W will sit nice in my collection.

Cheerson Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter CX-10W
Cheerson CX10W Golden

I hope in 2016 we will see some variation in design we had small Nano Hexacopter Drones in 2015  so what next? Perhaps Scorpion Style Cheerson CX-33 X6 . Personally I would love to see a V tail  tri-blade in this size.

For now though let’s all enjoy the outstanding  CX10 range from Cheerson. They have tried at the other end of the market to enter the aerial photography market the cheap CX-20 has done well but the CX-22 has been a disaster. Trying to compete against DJI with their Phantom 3 Standard now at only $499 in the USA is impossible and I think Cheerson should concentrate on producing great Nano/ Mini flying machines and developing  low cost innovative aerial photography drones like the CX-33s and the Cx-32S, that’s what they do very well. They are a relatively new player in this Drone and I’m expecting great thinks from them in the future.

I’ve published the  specification for the Cheerson Cx10W below taken from Banggood


Brand Name: Cheerson
Product Name: WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter
Product Number: CX-10W
Radio Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4 Channel Transmission
Gyro: 6 axis
Diameter of the Propeller Blades:30mm
CX10W Quadcopter size:62*62*20mm
Quadcopter weight:15g
Control Distance is between 15 to 30 meters
Flight distance for the Cx10 is approximately 15-30 meters
The Flight Time for the CX-10W is around 4 minutes
Battery charging time: About an Hour
A 3.7 150 mAh Lipo Battery is included
Transmitter choice either a Smartphone app or traditional transmitter
The Cx-10W Camera is 0.3 Mega Pixels
An SD card or card reader are NOT included
The CX10W has been constructed in ABS plastic
Available Colors: Golden, Rosy Red, Light Grey, Dark Grey

Cheerson CX-10W CX10W Mini Wifi FPV With 720P Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter
WiFi Control from your Smartphone the Cheerson CX-10W

Cheerson CX10W Quadcopter
1.4 channels with LED light
2.6-axis gyro with gyro calibration function
3.Ascend,descend,forward,backward,turn left, turn right, hover, left sideward fly, right sideward fly etc.
4.The battery is with protective function
5.Wifi mobile control and the Remote Control distance is about 15 meters
6.Dual speed switch.
7.First Person View with 3D flip function.
8.It allows many people to play it at the same time and the transmission function has 8 frequency points, which would not disturb each other.
9.It has 0.3MP camera that can take video and pictures from above
10.Memory card and card reader are not included as many people have these already.

Package included:
Your CX-10W Mobile app controlled Quadcopter or a CX10W Transmitter Remote Control Quadcopter
1 x USB charging cable to charge your CX10W battery
4 x Spare propeller blades, 2 clockwise and 2 counter clockwise
1 x CX-10W users manual

CLICK THIS LINK $31.99 for the app control version or $33.99 for the Remote control transmitter version

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