Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Drone

Cheerson CX-91 Fast Speed FPV Drone Racer|Jumper FPV Racing Drone

Latest Cheerson CX-91 Jumper FPV Racer
Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Fast Speed FPV Racing Drone

28-01-2016: Banggood are now showing coming soon for the Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Racing Drone CHECK IT OUT NOW  CLICK THIS LINK 

The latest Fast Speed FPV Racing Drone with inverted flying capabilities the Cheerson CX-91 Jumper. First pictures and a short video has just been released showing this latest Cheerson Drone offering is capable of inverted flight. This is achieved by using reversible electronic speed controllers that quickly force the motors to rotate in the opposite direction. Expect to see many of this type of model released in 2016.

As you can see from the Cheerson CX-91 Jumper images and video Cheerson are testing the CX-91 FPV Fast Speed Drone with standard and Tri-Blade Propellers. The first CX-91 maybe just a FPV drone racer and they may release a separate CX-91 for stunt flying. That’s purely supposition on my part, tri-blade for FPV racing and special stunt propellers for a acrobatic model.



There has been little information released on the specification of the CX-91 Jumper but we have asked Cheerson for more details and specifications of this exciting new Jumper Drone model and will publish more information as soon as we receive it.

A word of warning about inverted flight

The trouble with these Cx-91 type  Drones that can achieve inverted flight and stunts is that not many Drone Flyers can fly them in this way. Inverted flight has been performed by accomplished Collective Pitch Helicopter flyers for many years so they would find flying the Cheerson CX-91 Jumper far easier than a Drone Flyer who has no previous experience of inverted flight. I’ve seen some companies employing Guys like Alan Szabo Jr. one of the World’s best collective pitch Helicopter Flyers to produce outstanding promotional videos, all very well but Szabo is not Joe Public.

A number of Inverted Flight Drones were released in 2015 and were sent to many of the Popular Drone Reviewers. A young Drone Flyer from our team tested it and ended up crashing it on its first flight.

It was my Daughters partner who took to it effortlessly and had it flying upside down on his first flight. He flies a Big Blade 550 Helicopter inverted and had no trouble flying this stunt model. Although many of the respected Drone Reviewers said they would do their utmost to crack this new style of Drone Flying I’ve yet to see one who has accomplished it!

I’ve tried to master inverted flight using the RealFlight Drone simulator and find it very hard. If you want to get so decent mileage out of your CX-91 Jumper then don’t attempt inverted flight until you have had proper instruction and are confident of achieving it otherwise you could be looking at replacing or worse still an expensive re-build.

Use the Cheerson CX-91 purely as a Drone Racer, get used to the feel of it. I hope the settings will be able to be tweaked by altering the PIDs but there is no news as yet on what flight control board has been installed, it could be proprietary or CC3D or Naze based. Have some flying fun with it looks a little beast and it looks like the production models have bullnose quick install Tri-Blade propellers which will give it plenty of thrust. I’ve never seen tri-blades used for stunt and inverted flying so I thinking this first CX-91 will be for FPV Drone Racing only

Update 28-04-2016: There no mention of this model being able to perform inverted flight on the Banggood website so whether Cheerson have decided to launch this CX91 model solely for FPV racing I’m not 100% sure but as soon as I get clarification I will post it up.


Cheerson CX-91 Jumper FPV Racing Drone
Cheerson CX-91 Jumper

The CX-91 Fast Speed Jumper Drone therefore is not a model that I expect to see massive volume sales from. Stunt and inverted flying will come in the not too distant future but I can see more of a market for smaller strong carbon frame stunt models being built. If it proves itself as a competent FPV Racer

From the images it seems that Cheerson may release a number of CX91 Jumper Drone Racer models maybe an out and out FPV Fast Speed Racing Drone and the Tri-Blade may come with GPS.



Jumper FPV Racing from Cheerson
Cheerson Jumper CX-91 with Tri-Blade Propellers


Cheerson Cx-91 Jumper Description:
Brand name: Cheerson
Item name: CX-91 Jumper FPV Drone Racer
Color: Black body shell
FPV Frequency: 5.8 Giga Hertz
Channel: 32 Channel
Flying time: Approximately 12 minutes
Jumper battery: 11.1V 1600mAh Lithium battery (Included)
Remote Control Batteries: 4 x AA dry battery (Not included)
The Remote Control Range is about 300 meters
FPV Racing Drone size: 240 x 250 x 80 millimetres
Product size: 485 x 130 x 315 mm
Racing Drone weight: about 420grams with the battery installed
Length of main rotor: 120 mm
Brushless motors: 4 x1806
Brusheless ESC: 4 in 1 brusheless ESC 18A
Working environment temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Function:up/down, left/right sideward fight, forward/backward, turn left/right, rolling 360°

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Remote Control Transmitter
Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Remote Control Transmitter

Cheerson Cx-91 FPV Racing Drone Features:
The Cx-91 has a 720 x 1280 camera adopted for real-time image transmission and capturing images and video.
The 5.8G 32CH transmitter has an automatic search frequency.
The FPV monitor has a snowflakes screen and a built-in On Screen Display  showing the  voltage of battery during flight and the current channel receiving the FPV signal.
The super fast flying speed can be easily altered to suit your flying style
Mode 1 (right hand throttle) and Mode 2 (left hand throttle) are available.
Easy elevation mode and manual mode are optional features.
The chassis is constructed in carbon fibre making it strong and crash resistance.
The Cx-91 is easy to assemble and disassembly and has quick change propeller installation functionality.
The remote control has a good range with high sensitivity input.
Fast response electronic speed controllers help with obstacle avoidance when Drone Racing.



Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Drone Racer

Your Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Package includes the following items

1 x Cheerson CX-91 Jumper FPV Racing Drone
1 x 11.1V 1600mAh 35C 3S battery
1 x 5.8G antenna
1 x Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Drone Racer 5.8G Transmitter


1 x 4.3 inch 5.8G 32CH Monitor to view the FPV feed giving you a bird’s eye view
1 x Monitor holder to attach the FPV screen to your transmitter


1 x Mushroom antenna
8 x Black Tri-Blade Propellers


Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Tool Kit

1 x Balance Drone Battery Charger, 1 x Screw driver, 1 x Wrench for assemble/ disassemble propellers, 1 x Memory card set, 1 x Data transmission cable, 1 x Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Manual


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