Hubsan H301F SpyHawk Drone

Drone for Sale | Drone with Camera

Hubsan H301F SpyHawk Drone If you are looking to take aerial photography videos then we recommend you stick to flying Quadcopters as they are super stable in flight. However if you want to extend your drone flying experience then this model may be for you. Like the flight control boards of the RC Quadcopters this fixed wing UAV has a 3-Axis gyro that helps stabilize the flight. The on-board camera relays a video feed back to the transmitter via the 5.8Ghz Video Module. The drone itself is very light and surprisingly uses a 450mAh lithium Polymer battery. To keep the weight down Hubsan has built this model using an EPO crash proof material.


Drone for Sale
Drone with camera the Hubsan Spyhawk


Drone Camera

The 5 mega pixel camera is fixed just below the nose of the unmanned aerial vehicle which records video footage and stores it on a micro SD card. The downside of recording video footage is that approximately 50% of your 20 minute flight time is lost.

Hand launched drone

Quadcopters can lift themselves directly off the ground but as you can appreciate it impossible to perform this manoeuvre with a fixed wing drone so the Hubsan Spyhawk needs to be hand launched.

Great video from alishanmao of Only Flying machines showing you how to fly the First Person View SpyHawk drone

Google to use Solar-Powered Fixed Wing Drones

Although the recent buzz has been about multi-rotors, Quadcopters, Hexacopter and even large Octocopters there is still a great deal of interest being shown in fixed wing drone and adding fixed wing flying to your skill set can do you no harm whatsoever.


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