FPV Drone Racer Build

Lisam RC ML 210 5mm Drone Racer

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All parts for this build have been supplied by BANGGOOD the World’s Leading supplier of FPV Racing Kits and parts for FPV Racer Builds. A full video of the FPV Racer build will be published very soon along with how to set it all up and some flight testing videos will follow. We will also be building the Emax Nighthawk 200 PRO FPV Racer CLICK THIS LINK over the next few weeks and will do a comparison review.

If you aren’t ready for your Drone Racer Build yet or don’t have the time don’t for at the bottom of the page we will list some really excellent Drone Racers BANGGOOD have for sale that are ready to fly out of the box.

There is also some links at the bottom of this FPV Drone Racer Build page to some great FPV Camera Mounts , Action Cameras for FPV Racers, Alternative FPV Drone Racing Frames and FPV Racer Kits all available from BANGGOOD

Taking a look at the Lisam RC ML 210 Drone Racing Frame

The Quadcopter/Drone Frame we are using for this FPV Drone Racer build is the LISAM RC Carbon Fibre ML 210mm Frame Kit, the specification says its 5mm thickness so it should be very strong and robust. Let’s have look what’s in the ML210 Drone Racer Frame Kit and take some measurements

Full Frame Kit
Lisam RC FPV Drone Racer Frame Kit

We often get builds and the thickness of the Drone Racing frames are often not quite as thick as the specifications says, not so with this Lisam RC ML 210 the main frame measures 5.11mm and feels really well constructed. If you are going to fly this to the max then you will have crashes that’s inevitable so you want something that’s going to stand up and not shatter or split on the first impact.


True 5mm
The Main Frame is over 5mm Thick

The main frame weighs in at 68 grams the top frame at 10 grams the board 10grms with the camera mount supports and screws another 10 grams giving a total weight of approximated 100 grams for the structure.

Main Frame 68
Main Drone Racer  Frame weights 68 grams

An issue we had with this FPV Drone Frame Kit was the screws supplied with it they were far too short. We had to drill the holes on the carbon fibre main frame to accommodate slightly thicker longer screws. One this had been done assembling the Drone Racing Frame was a fairly simple operation. We also inserted some small washers to separate the power distribution board from the main frame as Carbon Fibre conducts electricity and we were wary of frying the electronics.


Spacers and Screw size
Spacers added Top screw sent with frame is far to short

Putting together the Drone Frame was a fairly simple exercise once we had decent sized screws Click This Link for Price and Delivery Details

 Built FPV Racer Frame Slide Show and Thumbnails of the build

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List of parts we are using for the Lisam RC ML 210 FPV Drone Racer Build


FPV Drone Racer Motors

DYS BE1806 2300KV Brushless Motor Black Edition for FPV Drone Racer Build

These Black Edition Drone Racer motors from DYS are really fast and will turn this Lisam RC ML 210 FPV Drone Racer into a little flying beast. We have used them before in previous builds and we highly recommend them. They feature a low vibration system making them quieter, more efficient and the superior bearings will give you a longer life.

DYS Black Edition Motors CLICK THIS LINK

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC’s)

DYS BL16A Mini 16A BLHeli ESC OPTO 2-4s

These Electronic Speed Controllers from BLHeli give you a extremely fast response rate and are ideally suited for an FPV Drone Racer of this size. The twisted pair cable reduces signal crosstalk using quality copper wiring. They are fitted with a high performance capacitator and an ultra low resistance Mosfet.


Flight Control Openpilot MINI CC3D NANO Atom Flight Controller

Openpilot MINI CC3D NANO Atom Flight Controller

For a FPV Drone Racer of this size we will use the small tried, tested and excellent CC3D atom flight controller. The CC3D atom is compact and easy to set up and use and fits nicely into FPV Drone Racing Frames

Openpilot MINI CC3D NANO Atom Flight ControllerCLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Receiver


Another favourite of ours the FlySky FS-iA6-2_4G 6 Channel Receiver CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Tri-Blade Propellers

Tri-Blade Propellers for FPV Drone Racer

In our Drone Racer builds we usually Gemfan Standard 5040 or Bullnose propellers so we thought we would be a bit different and try some tri-blade props on this FPV Drone Racer Build CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Drone Camera

Eachine FPV Drone Racer Camera

Another favourite of ours and used in numerous FPV Drone Racer builds CLICK THIS LINK This little Eachine FPV Camera has a 148 degree field of View

Battery for Drone Racer

Dualsky Xpower FPV Drone Racer battery

3S Lipo Battery Xpower Dualsky CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Drone Racer Remote Control the FlySky FS i6

FlySky Remote Control for FPV Drone Racer

Our favourite Low Priced Drone Racer Remote Control from FlySky. Eachine use this with there best selling FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK It features 6 Channels and can be use to control Gliders, Helicopters, Airplanes and First Person View Drones. The radio frequency is 2.4 to 2.8 Giga Hertz with a bandwidth of 500KHz. It also has a low voltage warning when falling below 4.2 volts. CLICK THIS LINK

Runcam FPV Drone Racer Camera

Runcam Sports FPV Racer Action Camera

This is the latest lightweight FPV camera from Runcam, weighing in at 41gms it’s the perfect choice for a FPV Drone Racer of this size. It features a new F2.8 aperture and has a number of video recording options(1080P 30 Frames Per Second in FULL High Definition, 720P 60FPS, 720P 30FPS HD) and a 120 degree field of view. The rechargeable 750mAh battery will give you approximately 80 minutes of continuous recording time. Due to the light weight construction it will also make a great camera to attach to a Syma X8C or similar models to capture aerial videos and photographs. The firmware will allow you to rotate the video 180 degrees. CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Drone Racer Monitor

Little Pilot

The 5inch Little Pilot FPV Screen from Hawk-eye technology delivers a crystal clear image. Hawk-eye technology and Victor Koon their CEO are totally committed to producing high quality first person view products and great actions camera for aerial photography. Their Low Priced FireFly 6S 4K action camera with gyro stabilization is by far the best value action camera on the market today. Retailing at around $100 from Banggood we think it is far better than the GoPro 4 at three times the price.

Little Pilot Drone Racer FPV Monitor CLICK THIS LINK

Ready to Fly FPV Drone Racers


Nighthawk 280Emax Nighthawk 280 PRO FPV Drone Racer  CLICK THIS LINK One of the Drone Flyers Team favourite FPV Drone Racers. simple to set up this model has tilted motor mounts, a 3D Printed Tilted Mobius C2 Lens Camera Mount, a 3D Printed  Base Plate Protector and Bullnose Propellers

Eachine Best Selling FPV Drone Racer

Eachine 250 FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK One of the Best Selling FPV Drone Racers this model from Eachine is a Dream Machine and a sheer pleasure to fly.

ROA Parkour 280

ROA Parkour FPV 280 Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK The 280 Parkour has foldable arms making it easily transportable. The Drone Flyers Team are extremely pleased to be receiving the ROA FPV 280 Parkour RTF (Ready to Fly) Racing Drone so we can carry out an impartial review.


Lisam RC LS268 ARF Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK A ready to fly model from LISAM RC looks cool with the Mobius C2 Lens Camera


HiSky Talon FPV Drone Racer

HiSky Talon FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK The Drone Flyers Team were the first to convert the original HiSky HM 280 Drone into a FPV Racing Drone by fitting an FPV camera in the nose.

Walkera Furious FPV Racing Drone

Walkera Furious FPV Drone Racer  Fast and Furious this latest FPV Racer from Walkera is claiming a top speed of 120 kilometres an hour. The arms tilt forward for maximum thrust

Lisam Keel FPV Racing Drone

Lisam Keel FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK This FPV Racer comes in kit form so you will need some soldering skills to put it together. The body styling of this FPV Racer is similar to the very popular Robocat, Tarot and ZMR models.


Drone Racer Camera Mounts

Carbon Fibre Camera Mount CLICK THIS LINK

Camera Mount Carbon Fiber

Low Priced 3D Printed Camera Mount for FPV Racer CLICK THIS LINK

Camera Mount for GoPro


Recommended Action Cameras for FPV Racers

Runcam 2
Runcam 2 Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK

Just been released the lightweight Runcam 2 Action Camera is perfect for filming your FPV Racing flight adventures


Mobius C2

Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK

Super robust tried and tested the Mobius C2 lens Action Camera delivers seriously good aerial video and photography. One of Drone Flyers favourite Action Cameras Highly recommended


XiaoMi Yi


One of the Best Value Action Cameras you can buy and perfect to add to your FPV Racing Drone

FireFly 6S 4K Sports Action Camera

Firefly 6S Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK

A real alternative to the GoPro great video capture at 4K. Strap the Firefly 6S on your FPV Racing Drone


Alternative FPV Racer Frames

Lisam LS 210 Frame


ZMR 250 FPV Drone Frame

ZMR 250 Drone Racer Frame CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Kits

Eachine ZMR250QAV250 FPV Racer KitRC 250 FPV Racer KitTarot 250 FPV Racer Kit

Eachine ZMR FPV Racer Kit

QAV 250 FPV Racer Kit

Tarot FPV Racer Kit

RC250 FPV Racer Kit