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Walkera F210 FPV Drone Racer
F210 FPV Drone Racer from Walkera

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New Walkera F210 FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK

F210 specification:
Brand Name: Walkera
Item Name: F210 Racing Drone
Model: F210
Version: Devo7 Right Hand Throttle, Devo7 Left Hand Throttle and BNF Version

Walkera F210 FPV racing Drone
F210 FPV Drone Racer

Main Rotor Dia:128mm

Overall Dimension:182x182x103mm

Weight:370g(Battery included)

Remote Controller:DEVO 7


Main Controller:FCS-F210(F3)

Transmitter :TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE)

OSD : F210 OSD

Brushless Motor  WK-WS-28-014A(CW/CCW)KV2500

Brushless ESC  F210(CW/CCW)

Battery:14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO

Flight Time:8~9mins

Working environment : -10℃ ~ +40℃



Horizontal Resolution:700TVL

System Commitee:PAL/NTSC

Video Out:1.0Vp-p/75Ω

Power Input: DC 12V


TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE) Transmitter:

5.8G wireless:Image transmission

TX5825(FCC) Bind B section:4 channels

TX5824(CE) Bind B section:4 channels

TX5825(FCC) output power:≤200mW

TX5824(CE) output power:≤25mW

Night Vision High Definition Camera
Centralized Control System Design
SP Racing F3 Flight Control
Metallic Case Design
Powerful Motor Design

Package Included:
Devo7 Right Hand Throttle Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x DEVO 7 ( Right Hand Throttle)
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter

Devo7 Left Hand Throttle Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x DEVO 7 ( Left Hand Throttle)
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter

BNF Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter


200 FPV Drone Racer Build Courtesy of Banggood

Having spoken with Banggood about the outstanding success of the Eachine 250 racer they asked if we would consider selecting parts for a 200 size FPV Racer and doing a series of instructional videos.Elvis will do a Frame Build Video, Electronics, FPV Set, Programming and Flight tests of this FPV Racer Build.

Here is a list of the parts Elvis is going to use.

Diatone ET 200 Frame CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Drone Racer Frame
Diatone ET 200 Drone Racer Frame

Open Pilot CC3D Atom Mini Flight Control CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Flght Control
Open Pilot CC3D Atom Mini Flight Control

RCTimer 1806 2300 KV Brusless Motors CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Motors
RCTimer Brushless 1806 2300KV Motors


Electronic speed control FPV racers

ACE 1300 mAh Lipo Battery CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Battery
High Quality Ace Lipo Battery

Fly Sky Receiver CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Receiver
FlySky 6 Channel Receiver

Eachine 700 VTL FPV System CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer FPV System
Eachine FPV System

Gemfan 5030 Propellers CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racer Propellers
Gemfan 5030 Propellers

Best Selling Eachine 250 Racer CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine 250 FPV Racer
Eachine 250 FPV Racer

Walkera Runner Advance CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racing Drones
Drone Flyers Runner Advance 250 FPV Racing Drone

Coming soon DYS X160 Drone racer Review CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racing Drones
DYS X160 FPV Racer
FPV Racing Drones
Two of our FPV Racing Drones the Hisky HMX 280 FPV mod and the Walkera 250 Runner

Update 15-8-2015

Introducing FPV Pilot Diogo Nunes 

16 year old Diogo Nunes  is one of a new breed of  young FPV flyers. Diogo will be testing his unique version of the HiSky HMX 280 modded for FPV and with the Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera on-board and the Walkera 250 FPV Runner with the standard Mobius Lens Camera on-board. I have put up a short video of the track he will fly and he will also perform some aerobatic stunt flying with the HiSky HMX 280 Brushless Quadcopter.

Special thanks go to Drone Builder Elvis Vieira from Drone Bashers a QAV250 expert for all his help in putting this all together we couldn’t have done this without his input. Many many thanks to Banggood for supplying both the HiSky HMX 280 Brushless Quadcopter, the Walkera 250 FPV Runner  and the Mobius Action Cameras we are using for filming the FPV action.

Check out Diogo Nunes gyro testing the Hisky HMX 280 Brushless Quadcopter video below.

Walkera 250 Runner CLICK THIS LINK

Emax Nighthawk 280 FPV Racer CLICK THIS LINK


“I think anybody with any imagination gets into it. You defy gravity. You feel like a superhero. Flying these things is like a drug” Drone pilot Ryan Gury

When Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross started RSE Ventures a few years ago with the idea of envisioning how technology would merge with sports Drone Racing was very much unheard of. Now RSE Ventures are investing $1 million dollars in the Drone Racing League.

HiSky Racing Drone
Hisky Racing Drone HMX 280 FPV mod with Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera

FPV Racers are a New Breed they buy, build and fly FPV Quadcopters and FPV Hexacopters designed specifically for FPV Drone racing. With FPV or First Person View flying the pilot views the drone via Goggles (some fly using screens) and they manoeuvre their fast agile drones through a number of obstacles over a set course.
Small, agile, brushless motored, First Person View (FPV) are the hot selling Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) item in today’s market place. FPV racing is rapidly expanding as a sport and fast fabulous fun pastime. FPV racing first came to the attention of the public with some excellent flying footage from the Airgonay FPV racers in France.
In this article we are going to look at what options are available for those beginning their FPV journey, what skills are required and whether you are better of building yourself or buying an out of the box ready to fly model. We will show you the Diogo Nunes HiSky HMX 280 FPV mod in action and look to build a number of FPV Test Racers ourselves.
We will be testing and reviewing the following FPV Race Drones: Walkera Runner 250, EMax 280 FPV Racer , HiSky HMX 280 FPV (Diogo Nunes mod), Elvis Vieira QAV 250 Custom Build and the soon to be released Eachine 250 FPV Racer.

FPV Racer
Custom Built Robocat FPV Racer

Airgonay FPV Racing

We will look at the some of the leading guys in the FPV racing business, Team Black Sheep, Airgonay, Immersion RC and others who are stamping their mark on this nascent hobby/pastime/sport. One thing is for sure it’s going be very exciting times for those involved in Quadcopters and FPV Racing

We have the Walkera Runner and our DN HiSky racer set up and ready to go and have ordered parts for our first FPV Racer build. The Emax Nighthawk and the Eachine FPV 250 Racer will be on the way soon

Check this video out to see the insane fun that can be had with FPV Racers

FPV Drone Racers
Drone Flyers EMax 280 Nighthawk and Walkera 250 Runner FPV Racers

Walkera Runner FPV Racer
We have flown and tested the Walkera Runner 250 Racer this was our first test flying from a tiny screen. Diogo who flew it found it a bit twitchy but we will test some more soon.

Walkera 250 Runner CLICK THIS LINK

FPV Racers
Drone Flyers EMax 280 NightHawk PRO FPV Racer

First Impressions of the EMax Nighthawk PRO 280 FPV Racer RTF Version
For anyone lacking the necessary skills or time to build their own FPV Racer then the EMax Nighthawk 280 FPV Racer RTF Version is a great solution. You will get a fast easy to fly 280 sized well-built racer that will enable you to progress from smooth fast fun FPV flying to full race mode using the supplied motor tilts mounts. By adding the tilts, some bullnose propellers and tweaking the settings in Baseflight you will undoubtedly have a serious piece of FPV Racing kit. Yes EMax have put a great deal of thought into the development of this 280 FPV Racer and it automatically shows. I find it both extremely nice to handle and very pleasing to look at it. The 280 feels strong and looks ready for speed. It is considerably lower than the Walkera 250 Runner. It weighs in at 468 grams without the Battery and Mobius C2 Lens Camera that I’m using to capture video footage. My Flower Power1500mAh Lipo is 140 grams and the Mobius C2 46 grams so the total weight is around the 654 grams mark (the Walker 250 Runner FPV racer with the Mobius C2 wide angled Lens is a tad lighter at approximately 630 grams)
Nicely Packaged
Great Design, Build and EMax Nighthawk Branding
Simple to set up
User Friendly
Plug and Play EMax T2204 2300 KV Motors
BLHeli 4 in 1 12A Electronic Speed Controllers oneshot supported that are integrated with the flight controller
Skyline32 Flight controller which is based on the Naze32 and come with Baseflight and Cleanflight pre-installed.
Strong 6045 Propellers come as standard but 5030, 5040 and 6030 sizes can be used.
Tilted 700TVL FPV Camera
Mobius Camera Mount
Emax Nighthawk 280 FPV Racer CLICK THIS LINK

EMax 280 Nighthawk PRO
EMax Nighthawk PRO with Mobius C2 Lens Camera

HiSky HMX 280 FPV Racer modification by Diogo Nunes CLICK THIS LINK
Jumper 260 FPV Racer CLICK THIS LINK

Drone Racing League

Custom Build FPV Racers
Great Video with ‘Charpu’ explaining an FPV racer build, what components you need to get your racer up and flying.

Is this the Ultimate FPV Racer The TBS Gemini?
Testing the TBS Gemini FPV Racer with ‘Charpu’ on the sticks anything is possible.

Vortex Mini FPV Racer by Immersion FPV

World Drone Racing Championship 2016 CLICK THIS LINK


Elvis Vieira QAV 250 FPV Racer


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