FPV Race Quadcopters

Vortex Race FPV Quadcopter

FPV, First Person View Drone Racing is rapidly establishing itself  as a sport of the future and ImmersionRC have come up with this great out of the box ready to fly solution the Vortex Race FPV Quadcopter. Airgonay in the South of France brought FPV Quadcopter racing to the fore with some great ‘Star Wars’ type videos with RC Quadcopters racing through forests at incredible speeds. We have included some FPV Race Videos at the bottom of this page

FPV Quadcopter
Vortex Race High Speed Racing Quadcopter

Drone Racing Simplified 

An on-board NextWave 5.8GHZ video transmitter with 40 Channel support, ensures compatibility with any 5.8GHZ A/V Rx on the market. Immersion RC’s exclusive RaceBand allows 8 pilots to compete with each other making this craft the perfect out of the box solution for Drone Racing. What is absolutely reassuring is that it is 100% legal for resellers to sell as it falls within the legal US Ham band.
The on-board OSD allows video transmission channels to be chosen using the RC Transmitter, no more dip switches to flip and no more frequency lists to remember.
This Vortex-Race FPV RC Quadcopter is fully compatible with all ImmersionRC, FatShark, Boscam, Team Black Sheep, DJI and ImmersionRC RaceBand channels


Flexible RC Quadcopter Flight Controller

The Vortex-Race has an integrated flight controller with a 3 Axis Gyro, 3 Axis Accelerometer and barometer, is pre-programmed with CleanFlight and is future-proof as it supports all future updates.
A direct high speed interface to the full graphic OSD and a USB port on the back of the Quadcopter for programming and updates complete the package.
PIDs are adjusted on screen in easy to use menus driven directly from the RC TX.

Drone Camera Support

The Vortex-Race has really flexible camera options and is powerful enough to support both a flight cam and a High Definition Action camera such as the excellent Xiaomi Yi CLICK THIS LINK, Mobius Action C Lens Wide Angle Camera CLICK THIS LINK or a GoPro. The flight cam is suspended from a carbon-fibre vibration damped plate to protect it from impact. An adjustable bracket allows tilting of the camera to ensure a good forward view necessary for high speed racing. An added feature is the monster 3A switching regulator that allows any high definition camera to be powered from the flight pack lightening the load.
The Vortex includes an industry first tuning parameters from Pro-Racers right in the box. just select the racer, prop size, HD camera and the Vortex OSD will set up the flight control parameters for you.
Some of the most experienced FPV racers have spent endless hours perfecting the Vortex so you can ‘Fly like you stole it’ and capture outstanding video footage.

FPV Quadcopter Lights
A set of 8 24-bit RGB LEDs sit on the tail of the Vortex, sandwiched safely between the upper, and lower frame plates.
These LEDs, controlled by a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor (yeah… what were we thinking!), can show something as mundane as the pilot’s favourite color, just about anything else we decide to roll into the user-upgradable firmware. Brake lights?, Shift to white for max. acceleration?, Indicators for polite left/right turns?, or just a pattern to remind you of 80’s Discos.

Since Airgonay’s now-famous ‘Star Wars’ video, rear lights on Mini FPV Quadcopters  have become not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘no fun without ‘em’.

FPV Racing Quadcopters
fast Flying Fun with the Vortex Race


Custom 12A ESCs (16A Peak), with OneShot125, and regenerative braking, for crisp-responsive flight using CleanFlight. A 32-bit ARM processor runs each ESC, ensuring plenty of processing power to drive even the most fussy brushless motors.

These ESCs are the first worldwide to use our unique rotorSENSE, which programs prop direction with the flick of a finger. No more swapping motor wires. ESCs so thin, that they fit completely into the arm tubes, protected from the elements, and the occasional passing tree.
As racing quads approach race-speeds, HD cameras have a habit of recording very high definition footage of… the ground. Two optional kits available for the Vortex provide a recliner for the GoPro, or an incliner for the Mobius camera.

These kits are shipped with the appropriate rubber dampers, and in the case of the GoPro kit, also a plug-and-play power cable, to allow the GoPro to be powered without an internal battery (and it’s unwanted weight).
An on-board 3 Amp, 5V switching regulator keeps the electronics fed with a clean supply, with enough left over to power a GoPro, Mobius, or any other camera which requires a clean 5V supply.

An on-board full-graphic OSD provides in-flight updates of critical parameters, and sports a menu which allows all options to be programmed in the field using the R/C Tx, and a set of goggles, or an LCD screen.

A real-time interface with the flight controller enables artificial horizons, F-18 style displays, and exchange of flight parameters.
The Vortex boasts Seven! 32-bit ARM processors

There are not many quads out there with that claim to fame… the Vortex sports no less than seven 32-bit ARM processors, all working together for maximum fun-factor.

A dedicated ARM for the flight controller, another for the full-graphic OSD, even another for the LED board at the back of the quad, and then four high performance ARMs for the custom ESCs.

FPV Quadcopter
Vortex Race FPV Quadcopter


Custom OSD Layouts

Several OSD layouts are included in the package:
•A classical EzOSD-type layout, with all critical parameters available on-screen.
•A Heads-Up display which would be more at home in a fighter-jet, with artificial horizon and altitude indicator.
•A Race layout, with just the critical parameters, tucked around the edges of the display.
•A Gaming layout… we’ll explain that one just before launch

All OSD layouts include screen-center alerts for critical warnings, such as battery voltage, EzUHF Link Critical, etc.

Weight: ~350g without battery, or HD camera

Power Requirements: 3s-4s LiPo (typical)

ESCs: Full Custom, 12A cont. 16A peak, rotorSENSE, OneShot125

Flight Camera: FatShark 600TVL CMOS (std), FatShark 700TVL CMOS, and 900TVL CCD optional

HD Camera: GoPro Hero, Hero 3/4 (Optional power from onboard BEC), Mobius, Runcam

Receiver Compatibility: CPPM Input, with S-Bus, and Spektrum™ Satellite converter cables optional

Flight Time: Highly dependent upon battery, and flying style


FPV Drone Racing Videos


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