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The Hexo+ Autonomous Aerial Camera

The interest in all things Drone related seems no sign of abating. The Hexo+ Autonomous Aerial has as of the 16-6-2014 raised nearly $200 thousand, four times its goal. This Hexacopter Drone could potentially change the way in which Aerial Photography is conducted simply by using an app on a smartphone. The app gives you the option of a 3D images which can be framed according to preferences, the Drone will then hover at a specific height and wait until you are ready to move.
The Hexocopter is pre-programmed to to lock into the target, follow it and automatically film at the predefined settings. The Hexocopter has also been designed to take with you wherever you go as it is of a lightweight construction with both fold-able legs and frame.The aerodynamics have been perfected using a Wind tunnel for testing and it is super fast capable of speeds up to 45mph.It has a Gopro mounted 2D gimbal for video stabilization and a fail-safe landing system should you encounter any issues.

Aerial Photography Drone
The Hexo+ Advanced Aerial Photography Drone

It’s all about sophisticated algorithms that control the flight sensors using the MAVLINK protocol. The algorithms use trajectory anticipation to figure out the optimal position of the intended subject thereby achieving the best possible camera angle. Production will commence in April 2015. Future updates are planned for obstacle avoidance technology to be intergrated.

Priced at around the $1000 (incuding the GprPro Hero3+ Balck edition this is definately one to keep an eye on. The team behind the development have extensive experience in action sports filming.


Hexacopter design with 30° tilt propellers
Speed range: up to 70 kmh – 45mph
Flight time: 15 min with 3S battery, gimbal and GoPro attached

Flight controller

Filming distance range: up to 50 meters
Auto take-off and auto landing
Trajectory anticipation
Video target locking
GPS + onboard sensor position tracking
Processor with MAVLINK protocol


High performance 2D brushless gimbal
Easy attach/detach from drone body for transportation
GoPro mount


GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition or Hero3 White Edition available


iOS and Android versions
Intuitive 3D framing or intuitive live view framing
Favorite framing presets
Subject framing lock
Emergency landing


Walkera QR Y100 Hexacopter
Walkera QR Y100 Hexacopter

I’m not really sure where Walkera are going now especially with this model that’s listed as coming soon. They are going to be offering two versions a BNF (Bind and Fly) with no receiver, battery or charger! Seems like a load of nonsense to me and at a price of around £200 I don’t think this is a viable product and will give this a wide berth. The ready to fly version come with a battery,receiver at around £320 no camera to take videos just the TX5805 FPV module I’m wondering why people would be even tempted to buy this. I would rather spend an extra £40 or so and get the DJI Phantom FC40 there is no contest. Both Walkera and Hubsan really need to get their acts together fairly quickly. As far as Walkera are concerned the QR x350 has been a disaster with disgruntled buyers saying they will never ever buy another Walkera product again due to lack of response by the company to their continuing concerns. The X350 PRO may be an improvement but again why would you bother, get a Phantom. Hubsan keep promising some new amazing technology in their 109S PRO but have yet to announce a release date. I written previously that I’m a great fan of the Walkera Ladybirds and the Hubsan X4’s but both these companies are trying to move into the space dominated by DJI and at the moment they are struggling. I was speaking to a previous employee of Walkera and she said that they were concentrating on larger models so they could make more money. I question their strategy and unless they can come up with something better than than this they should stick to making toys.

BNF description:
Main rotor diameter: 105.5 mm
Main rotor blade length: 278 mm
Length: 246 mm
Width: 254 mm
Height: 94 mm
Approx flight time: 20 minutes
Charging time: 40  Minutes
Flying environment: Outdoors and Indoors
Walkera Flight Control Board
Motors: x 6 Brushless
ESC: 6A x 6
Gyro: 6 axis
FPV Module: TX5805
Receiver: RX2650H-D(not included)
Transmitter: Devo F4 FPV Radio Controller(not included)
Lithium Polymer Battery: 3.7v 850mah(not included)
Charger: GA006(not included)

Package included:
1 x Walkera QR Y100 BNF


The Professional OFM Hunter H700Pro Hexacopter

Onlyflyingmachines serious kit for serious players!

Wltoys V323-B Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Hexacopter Ready To Fly


Entry level for Aerial Photography affordable and fun!

V323 WLToys Hexacopter
V323-B WLToys Hexacopter

This new model will be out soon. At last we have a Hexacopter for under £80 that will support a GoPro or Mobius camera. This is not a micro UAV (it’s a big multirotor) but most probably one of the first under £100 UAV’s that will support a decent camera. This Hexacopter shows how the market is rapidly advancing and I’m sure it won’t be long before models like this will come with all the technology of the higher priced Phantoms. We are not sure of the release date yet but are hoping it will be late April. We have not seen any reviews or videos of it flying yet so we will update this blog as and when we receive any more information. It’s great to see WLToys doing something innovative rather than copying Hubsan models. If companies spent more time and trouble developing their own models then this would greatly accelerate the development of interesting alternative flying machines which can only be good for end users. It will drive prices down and give us Quadcopters, Hexacopters and even Octocopters that are high quality, full of advanced technology and affordable. We are at the start of an amazing revolution that will transform our lives and it’s something we should all enjoy and participate in.

WLToys V323 Hexacopter
WLToys V323-B Hexacopter

Please note there is a version of this Hexacopter the V323 that doesn’t have the headless mode Item Name:6 Axis Gyro Remote Control Hexacopter from WLToys Item NO.:V323-B Material: ABS Plastic & EPS Color:Black Frequency: 2.4GHz Required Radio: 4 Channel Speed Control: Integrated Flying Time: Approx.8-10 minutes Charging Time: Approx. 50 mins Battery for Hexacopter: 7.4V 1600mAh Lithium Battery Battery for Transmitter: 6 x 1.5V AA Batteries(not included) Remote Control Distance: Up to 100 m Age :14+ Dimensions: 11cm x 81cm(H x Dia.) Weight : 1978g

V323 WLToys Hexacopter
V323-B WLToys Hexacopter

Features: You can fly this Hexacopter in headless mode It has a very durable lightweight frame It has been designed with smoothness in mind The flight time will be up to 8-10 minutes depending on the payload and it gives you 100m remote control range The Module design features low cost convenient maintenance with parts readily available The V353-B Hexacopter gives a really stable flight making it perfect for new pilots, seasoned flyers and aerial photographers Functionality: Up/Down, Forward/Backward,Turn Left/Right,Leftward/Rightward Flying,360-degree Rotation,Suspension Supports Mobius and GoPro Cameras making it an ideal entry level platform for Aerial Photography The Package Includes: 1 x Hexacopter Multirotor Flying craft 1 x Remote Control Transmitter 1 x Battery Charger 6 x Propellers 1 x Balance Charger 1 x 1600 mAh Li-po Battery There will be a few alternative entry level Aerial Photographic  models soon to hit the market like this

UDI U818 2.4G 6 Axis With HD Camera FPV Real Time RC Quadcopter RTF

UDI U818 Quadcopter
UDI U818 Quadcopter

Description: Brand Name: UDI Item Name: U818 RC Quadcopter Gyro: 6 axis HD camera included Camera video real time transmission Package Included: 1 x UDI U818 RC Quadcopter Details are a little sketchy and we will update as we get more information

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