HiSky Drone

HiSky Drone Review | HMX 280 Quadcopter

Featuring the Diogo Nunes HiSky HMX 280 FPV Mod. Getting the Hisky HMX 280 ready for FPV and adding the Great Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera on-board. As soon as the weather permits we we be out testing this unique FPV HiSky.  Diogo Nunes has flown the HiSky HMX 280 to test its acrobatic prowess and he has now transformed the HMX 280 into a fast agile FPV Racer

Hisky HMX 280 Drone
Our take on the HiSky HMX 280 FPV added
HiSky Drone
Hisky HMX 280 FPV mod with Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera

The modded HiSky looking ready for some serious action

Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK

Well I was expecting great things from this Brushless Quadcopter Drone from HiSky HMX280 and it sure did deliver. Having flown many RC Quadcopters over the last few years I can honestly say this is one of if not the very best I have ever flown it is an absolute delight. For anyone who has learnt to fly Micro Quadcopters or Syma X5s then please consider purchasing this fabulous flying machine. The 1300 KV brushless motors combined with the 11 volt 1350 Lipo battery turn this lightweight Quadcopter into a powerful yet super stable example of flight technology at its very best, it’s a little beast!
HiSky are well known for producing great little Helicopters and this, their second foray into the RC Quadcopter Drone market has to be admired. Hubsan have announced a similar size Brushless Quadcopter for release later in the year and it better be good otherwise it will be eclipsed by the HiSky HMX 280 Quadcopter

A few videos have appeared showing the HiSky HMX Drone but as yet there has been nothing released to show its Aerial Photography capabilities so I’m going to do my utmost to put it through its paces and attach a number of action cameras to see the aerial photography possibilities. I’m sure HiSky will be working hard at producing a Gimbal for this model but in the meantime I will attach a simple camera mount. I will test both the Mobius Wide angle ‘C’ lens and the XiaoMi Yi action camera two of my favorites on the HiSky HMX280 Drone. There is not a lot of clearance as the landing skids are very short so the Mobius will be a better solution.

HiSky HMX 280 Quadcopter Image
Taken with a Mobius Wide Angle ‘C’ lens on the HiSky HMX 280 Quadcopter
HiSky HMX 280 Quadcopter
HiSky HMX 280 with Mobius ‘C’ Lens attached

PS: I don’t know why HiSky have put the orange propeller to the front of this RC Quadcopter but I’m going to change mine to orange blades at the rear. I have a number of other Quadcopter models using the same configuration so to avoid confusion on my part I will swap them over. The Led lights on the ends of the arms are a good idea however they are not that bright and are pretty useless for orientation purposes unless you are night flying.

The X-6S is a great transmitter and fairly simple to use. What I like about this model is that it is user friendly there is no complicated compass calibration to bother about you can just get it out and fly it.

Coming Soon the HiSky X280 Quadcopter Drone Review. Banggood have confirmed today 30-06-2015 that they will soon be forwarding a copy of this amazing Low Priced Drone for Review purposes.

First Impressions, we are liking the look of this  Quadcopter Drone from Heli makers HiSky. Sales of traditional RC Helicopters have been on the decline as RC Flyers have turned to the more affordable and durable Quadcopters. This is the first Quadcopter Drone HiSky have produced and looks pretty cool. Promotional material suggests that it can fly in wet weather and take a quick dunk in the water, The 280 size with Brushless Motors makes it suitable for carrying lightweight action cameras like the XiaoMi Yi or Mobius. The basic model does not come with a Gimbal but has been designed to accommodate one. There is also a provision for future satellite receiver installation. CLICK THIS LINK

Bangood have also put up a Bind and Fly version of this model that comes without a transmitter and receiver CLICK THIS LINK 

HiSky Drone
HiSky HMX 280 Quadcopter


HiSky HM X280 Drone Description

Brand Name: HiSky
Product Name: 2.4G Quadcopter Drone
Product NO.: HMX280
Radio Frequency: 2.4G 4CH
Remote Control Transmitter : X-6S
Motors : Four 1300kv Brushless High Power Motors
Propeller Blades : 6 inch(152mm)
ESC : 12-Amp ESC
X280 Diagonal Length: 280mm
Length: 350mm
Height: 120mm
X280 Flying Weight : 416g
Remote Distance : 350-400m
Flight Time : About 7-10mins

HM X280 Quadcopter Drone CLICK THIS LINK

HiSky Drone Review
Super Stable HiSky Drone

X280 HiSky Drone Specification

Water Resistant RC Quadcopter Drone
Max. tilt angle : 60°~70°
Max ascent/descent speed : 80km/h
Max flight speed : 80~100km/h

Battery : 11.1V 1350mA 25C li-po battery
Max charge current : 1.2A
Max discharge current : 30A
Max charge rate : 0.9C
Max discharge rate : 25C
Continuous discharge rate : 25C
HiSky Drone Features:
Support for camera gimbal FPV system
With CC3D flight controller and brushless motor
Compatible with HiSKY/ DSM2 DSMX / PPM
3S 11.1V power system
Function: Up/down, left/ right,forward/backward/sideward flight/360 degrees rotating /led light

HiSky Quadcopter Drone
Taking a Dip the HiSky Drone

Your HiSky Drone Package Includes the following items
1 x Hisky MHX280 with Receiver
1 x X-6S remote control transmitter
2 x Clockwise and 2 x Counter Clockwise Propeller Blades
1 x 1350mAh 3S 11.1 Volt 25C Li-po Quadcopter Battery
1 x 3S / 2S lithium balance charge
1 x Quadcopter Drone Battery Charging Cable
4 x Screws
1 x Screwdriver
1 x HiSky Quadcopter Drone Manual

HiSky HM X280 Quadcopter
PC Connection HiSky HM X280 Quadcopter Drone



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