How to Start an Aerial Photography Business using Drones

Aerial Photography Business | Drone Photography

UPAir FPV Aerial Photograpy Quadcopter

And before you make any purchase please check out this superb Aerial Photography Drone CLICK THIS LINK The Stunning Unique U shapped UpAir FPV Aerial Photography Drone. 3-Axis Advanced Gimbal supporting a 12 MP Sony CMOS Camera, Dual Satellite System, Fail-Safe Sytems, Intelligent Battery and Much More.

UpAir FPV Quadcopter
Unique Wind Resistant U Shapped Body Shell of the UPAir FPV Quadcopter
UpAir FPV Quadcopter
Very Stylish Transmitter Design Slim and Ergonomic with 7inch High Definition FPV Screen

Things just got a lot better, introducing the DJI Phantom 3 Standard CLICK THIS LINK at $780 this RC Quadcopter is set to become a best seller. Packed with all the features you need to capture outstanding Video and Aerial Photography. There is nothing that comes close, the Cheerson CX-22 Follower CLICK THIS LINK will be one of the main competitors and it will have to be outstanding to take any market share from DJI.

(Please change your YouTube setting to HD 1080)

Aerial Photography Quadcopter
La Rocque Harbour Jersey XiaoMi Yi on Syma X8C

Update 22-6-2015: If your budget stretches to $500 then please check this out the outstanding XK Detect X380C with a High Definition Camera a Great Gimbal and a joy to fly CLICK THIS LINK for our in depth review

Aerial Photography Business
EKOO Actioncam on the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter

Update 15-05-2015

After Flying the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter for a number of weeks and attaching inexpensive Sportscams the EKOO, Mobius Sports Camera, Mobius Wide Angle C Lens Action Camera and the XiaoMI Yi Action Camera with cheap helmet mount we have reached the opinion that this model is absolutely perfect for those who wish to practice and learn Aerial Photography skills. It is however not for beginner Drone Flyers they should start with a Syma X5C or similar. This big stable flyer is extremely well constructed, and Ready to Fly out of the box.

CLICK THIS LINK  To Read our Review

Aerial Photography
XiaoMi Yi Action Camera on the Syma X8C
Syma X8C RC Quadcopter
Image taken from the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter
Wingsland Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter
Camera Drone the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet FPV RC Quadcopter


This new model the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet  FPv RC Quadcopter will  be released on July 10th. This looks a really affordable entry level platform for Aerial Photography. It is however not a model for beginners . Priced at $699

28.04-2015: Check out the Big Bold Syma X8C RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK to see our review 

YiZhan Tarantula with Wide Angled 5 Mega Pixel Camera CLICK THIS LINK

Please Note We have found the Quality of the Video on the X6 not that great

Camera Drone
Latest Camera Drone from YiZhan
Drone Photography
Taken with a Low Priced Drone the JJRC H12c  RC Quadcopter 5MP Camera

JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter  CLICK THIS LINK  or read the review on the Home Page. At Only $79.99 it offers the perfect entry level Aerial Photography Camera Drone

Low Priced Camera drones
Latest Camera Drone from JJRC the H12C with 5MP Camera

If you are a drone hobbyist, an experience remotely piloted aircraft flyer or even a complete beginner you may be thinking about setting up an aerial photography business. Setting up such an undertaking is much like setting up any business in that you will need to develop and then perfect a number of skill sets that will be required for your success.

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter
Great High Quality FPV RC Quadcopter from Wingsland the Scarlet Minivet


You will definitely need to be passionate about flying unmanned aerial robotic vehicles that is a prerequisite for a successful aerial photography business. If you enjoy flying these fabulous flying Machines and are prepared to learn UAV’s skills to an advanced level then you have a fantastic opportunity to turn something you enjoy immensely into a rewarding profitable enterprise that you are proud to work on and for. If you are a complete beginner then get yourself a small toy/hobby grade Quadcopter the Hubsan X4 H107C HD or similar and get flying as soon as possible. The learning curve is quite steep but be patient, relax and enjoy the experience, it won’t take you long to master. All it takes is a high degree of thought, dedication and time. What I can guarantee is that you will get more in value from these excellent UAV’s than the money they have cost you. They are a fun and will be a rewarding way to spend your study time. If you are an experience Quadcopter flyer I don’t need to preach to you about the virtuosity of a DJI Phantom 2 with a Zenmuse 3D 3Axis Gimbal and a GoPro Hero3+ attached you will already know that this is a fantastic piece of kit that in competent hands can produce excellent aerial photography footage.

One step forward

So you have decided that aerial photography is a business that you would love to be involved in then you must adapt your mind-set so that you have an unfailing belief that you will succeed in this profession of your choice and do everything that you can possibly do each day in order to make your dream come true. Picture yourself in some exotic location taking aerial video footage of spectacular scenery or filming your favorite sports event, visualize how your life would change if you were the owner of a successful aerial photography business and the benefits it will provide you and your nearest and dearest. Always keep this picture in your mind and believe that it is happening, it is sure to motivate and drive you forward.

Aerial Photograph
Archirondel Martello Tower taken with the WLtoys V666 and the WLtoys 1080 Camera

Check out all the Low Priced Camera Camera Drones CLICK THIS LINK

Camera Drone
This shot was taken from the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter

You can see by the images above that for a very minimal outlay you could soon get your Aerial Photography business up and running. I took these images to show the potential of Low Priced Camera Drones and was offered work in a matter of hours! One job could cover your initial outlay.

Check out the latest Walkera QR X350 Premium RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK For Professional Photography

Don’t be a Drone Dreamer

For the beginners or the experience drone flyers the very next thing you MUST do is search out any courses that will give you a recognized accreditation in unmanned aerial vehicle flying. I cannot stress enough that you must take this action NOW. Seek out what available in your location and be prepared to travel if necessary. The speed of success of your aerial photography enterprise depends on your qualifications. I’m not saying you won’t succeed without having qualifications in some form or other but I do know that acquiring the capital needed to purchase drone equipment for your aerial photography business can easily be obtained if you are a qualified UAV pilot. There is an ever increasing demand for unmanned aerial system flying skills and some form of accreditation will give you a distinct business advantage.

UAV’s and The Zulu Principle

Use the Zulu Principle and become an expert in the field of Aerial Photography, learn all you can about it. The more you learn and digest on a daily basis the more knowledgeable you will become and the more successful you will be. Don’t wait until you are an expert flyer or have done your UAV pilot training program, start today there will never be a better time to start. Learn the ins and outs of the business and don’t get hooked on competition. You are not in competition with anyone you a creating your very own Aerial Photography Business.


“There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world.” Wallace D Wattles

Think about it and have a plan.

If you going to start an aerial photography business then give it some serious thought. Work on a business plan it will give you a good sense of direction. I won’t cost a fortune to set up but get into the habit of logging every expense you incur and all the income you generate.


Make a list of local companies that could use your services, real estate companies, media agencies, local tourism bodies, golf courses, and building surveyors. Think about how you will contact them and what form your communication will take. Demonstrate to businesses the benefits of using your aerial photography services. Have your Marketing Plan in place for when you are ready. Friends and family members can help you get the word out even in the electronic age never underestimate ‘Word of Mouth’.

Get Social; The power of social networks should never be underestimated, strut your stuff, show the world what you are capable of.


Build a simple website on WordPress using a free or paid for theme and add plenty of great aerial photography videos and images you have taken. If you struggle with setting up your website, need great logo designed or a banner made use of sites like Fiverr you don’t need to spend a fortune. Your work will be your best advert.

Social Media Grab yourself a Pinterest Page, set a Facebook page for your business, set up a Twitter account and build up a following.

Links Recommended reading DroneAbove has a couple of books available on Drone Photography Tips and Techniques and Starting an Aerial Photography Business


Aerial Photography with Drones – Lessons from Eric Cheng

FREE Course

Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Video with Jeff Foster

How to

How to shoot amazing video from drones


Drone Photography
Mont Orgueil Castle Jersey taken with the H12C RC Quadcopter


  1. Is there any kind of license or certification to be earned to show potential clients that I am a competent and knowledgeable UAV pilot?

  2. Same question: you mention getting an “accreditation now”, but where? There’s universities offering degrees in UAV, but that’s mostly geared toward engineering and maintenance. There’s UVU, but I’m not clear on if it’s truly accredited or recognized by the FAA. Any ideas?

  3. Great Information about starting a business, I had already thought about doing video of Real estate, by starting with my drone shooting video of the property and outside of the home or bussiness building, then ending the video with pictures of the inside of the home or building, or even having the Drone slowly fly through the home as the real estate agent opens the different doors through the home, let the Drone do a 380 of each room. They could then put a picture of the home one their web site. When a client clicks on the home they are interested in, it would be like the Agent had took the client to the home and showed it to them. I already do Photography, and I believe this will be a great boost to my business. I can think of a lot of other uses for the Drones that are endless. Thank You for your great knowledge of the Drone’s future. Hell anyone that is a instructor at a Community College, that has a lot of know of the Drone’s and how to fly they can teach a class on the Drone’s and start getting people certified, after they get the class book done and get the FAA to sign off on it could make some bucks. No different then a fire arms instructor. Thank’s again for your what you do. Oh I have the AEE AP10 and I love it, just wish it had more camera len’s movement (from left to right) then it would be the total package. Take care> Randy,

  4. I am starting my business as we speak and feel rather confident in my drone, the DJI Inspire and my skills as a photographer and an operator. The big question I am looking at right now is INSURANCE, any idea or advice on the matter? Liability is my main concern.

    • Depends where you are. In the UK you cannot charge unless you have a license. I’m sure in your line of business this would be invaluable as you could scan hard to reach roofs for damage. What do you fly?

  5. Thats a great idea, you have got to first check out your local restrictions then get started with your flying. Drones are being used to inspect pipelines in Alaska your concept has a similar nature. Do your research and if you need any help get back to us.

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