Low Priced RC Hexacopter

RC Hexacopter | MJX X600 RC Quadcopter

MJX X600 X-SERIES 2.4G 6-Axis Headless Mode RC Hexacopter RTF

This Low Priced RC Hexacopter forms part of the X-Series from MJX. The X600 is the basic Hexacopter version, the first to be released and a camera version will soon follow. For anyone looking to get into Drone Flying then this model offers the perfect starting point


Low priced RC Hexacopter
MJX X600 RC Hexacopter

We expect to see a number of Low Priced RC Hexacopters being released in the future. Moving away from the traditional X4 RC Quadcopters the Hexacopter has six advanced coreless motors that will deliver a super stable and controllable flying experience, The X600 motors are extremely efficient, save energy and are more effective for RC Products

Low Priced RC Hexacopter
Coreless motor design for the MJX X600 RC Hexacopter


The innovative throttle control and the three settings ,beginner, intermediate and advanced make this Low Priced RC Hexacopter perfect for all standard of Drone Flyers

Low Priced X600 Rc Hexacopter
Throttle Control is Perfect for Beginners

Full sized Remote Control Transmitter with expanded functionality for this Low Priced RC Hexacopter. you can switch between Mode 1 (right hand Throttle) and Mode 2 (left hand throttle) according to your flying preference

Low Priced X600 RC Hexacopter
MJX X600 Transmitter


The MJX X600 has a Headless Mode Setting and a One Key Return to Home functionality

Low Priced RC Hexacopter
One Key Return to Home feature on the MJX X600 Hexacopter

MJX X600 RC Hexacopter Specification

Brand name:MJX
Item No.:X600
Item name:X600 X-SERIES RC Hexacopter RTF
Colors available:Black or White

Frequency 2.4G
Channel 4CH with 6 Axis Gyro
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Main Rotor Diameter 13.5CM
Transmitter GR-246 R/C
Battery for Controller 3″AA” batteries( not included)
Battery for Quadcopter 7.4V 700mAh Li-poly
Charging Time About 120 mins
Flying time About 10 minutes
Controlling Distance About 100 meters
RC Hexacopter Size 38.5*42.5*6cm
Weight (With gift box) 1.1KG

MJX X600 RC Hexacopter Features

Free switching between Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle.
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before
With One Key Return function ,makes it easily to find the way home.
The Hexacopter design insures more stable and powerful performance easier.
Module #C4002/ #C4005/#C4006 can be installed at the button of the
hexacopter(Module #C4002 /# C4005/#C4006 are not included in the package).
Module #C4002 support take photos and video during the hexacopter is
Module #C4005 supports FPV transmission after installing the “MJX C4005
FPV”software to smart phone.
Module #C4006 supports FPV transmission after installing the “MJX C4006
FPV”software to smart phone.
Adopting 2.4G auto connection technology ,scores of quad-copter can be
played at the same time.
The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor.Including 4CH digital
proportional RC system.
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement
various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
Full charged battery can support 8.5 minutes steady flight.

Your Low Priced RC Hexacopter Package Includes the following Contents

1 X MJX X600 RC Hexacopter
1 X RC Hexacopter Transmitter
1 X Charger
6 X Hexacopter Propellers


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