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Low Priced Syma X7 RC Quadcopter
Syma X7 Remote Control Quadcopter

The New Syma X7 RC Quadcopter looks like a stripped down version of the Syma X5C Quadcopter making it a lot lighter and more maneuverable. It is a great deal bigger than the Best Micro Quadcopters,  the Walkera QR Ladybird V2 or the Hubsan X4 H107C are my favourites in this category. I like the design of  the body shell  it looks kinda futuristic with a funky feel to it. They are calling it a spaceship although I doubt if you will get this one up that high. 🙂

The Syma X7  RC Quadcopter uses a 350mAh battery (The X5 uses a 500mAh Lipo) giving it a flight time of 7 minutes. The 350 Lipo takes approximately 50 minutes to recharge via a supplied USB device.  I would get an extra 5, 500mAh Lipos , one battery is never enough and these will give you a longer flying time.  It has a distance of about 50 meters and can perform acrobatics, continuous 360 degree rolling. for an added fun factor. 🙂

Flying these size Quadcopters is a complete different experience from flying the little nippy micros like the Hubsan X4’s or Walkera Ladybirds but they are great fun and  a great learning tool. We are not sure of any release date yet. It will be about $59/ £30  and at that price  it’s got to be one to watch out for. 🙂


For more details including Price and Release Date Click this Link

Quadcopter, Remote Control, Transmitter
Syma X7 Remote Control

Low Priced RC Quadcopter from Syma, Quadcopter Review
Syma X7 Quadcopters

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