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If your looking to buy a Quadcopter as a Birthday Gift , as a Christmas Present or as a Gift for any Occasion we would like to offer YOU some valuable advice. As Quadcopter enthusiasts we only recommend tried and trusted models. We are members of numerous Quadcopter owners groups on Facebook, post on remote control forums, tweet and blog daily about Quadcopters and study the market with unequaled enthusiasm as it is something we are intensely passionate about. We are in direct contact with many Quadcopter manufacturers and always get the latest industry news as soon as it becomes available. Over the last few years there has been a number of new entrants to the Quadcopter  marketplace, models and manufacturers, some great new arrivals, some good and some to avoid. Let us help YOU choose a great Quadcopter Gift that will be gladly received and appreciated by the recipient. On our recommended models we endeavour to give YOU a number of price and delivery options . If YOU have any questions before or after your purchase just fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will do our utmost to answer your questions. If you come across a choice of modes we recommend mode 2 (left hand throttle) that’s the way to Fly. Most of the Quadcopter Gifts we recommend have spare parts readily available. Check out our recommendations NOW. PS. If you are ordering for Fathers Day chose Express Delivery to ensure your Gift arrives in time

One thing we are Absolutely sure of is that the Quadcopters we recommend make Exceptional Gifts for any Occasion

Best Quadcopter Gifts

Quadcopter Gifts Under £30 with Free Worldwide delivery

This is the original Hubsan X4 upgraded with Led lights. Hubsan have dominated the Micro Quadcopter market for a number of years and this model is one of the very best small Quadcopters ever made. Hours of fun  can be had with this marvelous little flyer.  Seasoned Quadcopter owners and those who fly professional rigs always seem to own one of the Hubsan X4’s. What’s not to like about this model.

5Star+ Rated

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Hubsan X4 H107 Original with Leds

The JXD 388 Quadcopter. Value for money Gift. Fast,durable and fun to Fly

5Star Rated

Click Here for Details

JXD 388 Quadcopter
JXD 388 6Axis Gyro Quadcopter

Quadcopter Gifts under £50

The Hubsan X4 H107C comes in two different models the H107c with a 0.3MP camera or the H107C HD with a 2.0MP camera> We prefer the HD version as it takes a far better video 5Star+ Rated

 Click Here for 0.3MP Model     Click Here for 2.0MP Model  


Hubsan X4 H107C
Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter


The Walkera Ladybird V2. As I personally own 4 of these I’m somewhat biased. This is a great Quadcopter to learn your flying skills and it is simple to repair. Fabulous flying fun and highly addictive

5 Star+ Rated

Click Here for Details

Walkera Ladybird V2 Green
Walkera Ladybird V2 Green Quadcopter

The Syma X5 Explorers Quadcopter. This model comes with a camera and is a great starting point for aspiring Quadcopter flyers. Large Size lightweight, I fly one on these myself and love it. Tremendous Value. Perfect for beginners.

5 Star Rated

Click Here for Camera Version

Syma X5C Quadcopter
Syma X5C Quadcopter


Quadcopter Gifts for under £100

The Hubsan X4 H107D First Person View Quadcopter. With this FPV Quadcopter you can view your flight on the remote control. It is a great step up to improve your flying skills and ideal for those who wish to learn more before moving up to a larger model. Best in class, great gift. 5Star+

Click Here for Details

Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter
Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

WlToys V323 Hexacopter  is a big craft capable of carrying a Mobius Action Camera or GoPro camera. The perfect gift for anyone wishing to try aerial photography.

5Star Rated

Click Here for Details

V323 WLToys Hexacopter
V323 WLToys Hexacopter

A Great Gift for any aspiring Aerial Photographer. The very best entry level professional rig the outstanding DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter approximately £300 and worth every penny.

5Star+ rating

Click Here For  More Details

DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter
DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter


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