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There are some great Quadcopter Kits if you fancy building one yourself. The super X featured below is a must for any education establishment that wishes to run a course on Drone flying. This is the perfect RC Quadcopter Kit for those who have learnt their flying skills flying ready to fly out of the box models and wish to progress to the next level. This model  also acts as a great learning device for anyone wishing to get into drone flying as a hobby or a pastime  that could lead to future employment.

 14-11-2014: My Super X has arrived and I will be following this excellent Review by SeBy Docky on RC Groups as I build this Quadcoper

Super X Quadcopter Kit Build and Review CLICK THIS LINK

Super X Quadcopter Specification

What we like about this model is that it is plug and play so there is no need to get the soldering iron out and risk frying the flight control board. It is one of the first Micro Quadcopters to use brushless motors that spin slower than the traditional coreless motors used for this class of Multi-Rotors. This affords the Super X a high degree of stability in flight. The flight controller has pre-programmed GPS, Bluetooth functionality, a built in compass and barometer, the motor outs on the FC board allows the model to be upgraded to a Hexacopter configuration at a later date.

Quadcopter Frame

The 125 millimetre one piece frame has been expertly constructed using 1.6 millimetre carbon.

Quadcopter Remote Control Transmitter

You will need to purchase a suitable 7 channel DSM2 transmitter for your Quadcopter Kit and we have emailed our suppliers for recommendations and will post on this page as soon as we receive feedback. This Quadrotor is suitable for entry First Person View Flying or attaching a lightweight camera module for aerial photography purposes. Don’t be fooled by its small 125 millimetre size the 6400KV Brushless motors will deliver plenty power to the 75 mm propellers. I comes with two 300 mAh batteries each giving an 8 minute flight time. It can effortlessly use a 600 mAh and we would suggest you buy a few of these if you are planning to use it for FPV flying or Aerial Photography due to the higher battery drainage.


RC Quadcopter Kit
Super X Quadcopter comes in an easy to assemble Kit form making it the perfect drone educational tool



When your Super X Quadcopter is assembled is will look like this

RTF Quadcopter
Super X Quadcopter Assembled


The Super X Quadcopter Frame

RC Quadcopter Frame
Quadcopter Frame for the Suoer X


Flight Board for the Super X Quadcopter Kit

Suoer X quadcopter Flight Control Board
Flight Control Board for the Super X RC Quadcopter

 Transmitter for the Super X

Quadcopter Transmitter
D SM2 Transmitter for Super X Quadcopter



NF6 DSM2 High-frequency Adapter Module Compatible With FUTABA JR WFLY Walkera Transmitter
Power supply: built-in 3.7V lithium battery.
Wireless power: <= 20 DBM.
The average working current: 65 ma.
Dimensions: 25 × 40mm
Net Weight: 45g.


1. Compatible with Spektrum, Futaba,JR,Graupner/SJ MZ-24,Hitec,Walkera,WFLY, Flysky,Frsky and other transmitter;
2. Compatible with DSM2 system receiver (within 6 channel);Support most remote control horizon HorizonHobby released with DSM2 receiver products (such as: MCPX, UMX triaxial fixed wing aircraft, etc.);
3. The FUTABA transmitter and the channel order of the receiver same as the FUTABA transmitter,intelligence into type A transmitter channel order,make the DSM2 receiver easy to use.
4. The receiver channel order fixed into the accelerator, aileron, elevator, direction, landing gear, AUX, make the failsafe of DSM2 receiver can normal ues.
5. Support the transmitter channel order:
A types: throttle, aileron, elevator, direction, landing gear, AUX
B types: aileron, elevator, throttle, direction, landing gear, AUX
6. With Ranging function, USB connected to the computer can rechargeable.Easy operation, simple installation, has small volume, light weight.

The LED state:

State of the LED red light Blue light
Long bright The normal work The battery is normal
Flashing Binding/Ranging mode Low battery, charging mode

Installation method:

1. Put a piece of Velcro in the back of the transmitter, and then put the Velcro on the back of the NF6, NF6 fixed on the back of the transmitter.
2. Insert signal cable to the simulator interface of the remote control, if the simulator interface of the remote control is not audio, you need to use adapter.

Method of use:
1. Binding
The frequency of the transmitter adjust to PPM mode.First insert the frequency line to DSM2 receiver,power on DSM2 receiver ,DSM2 indicator lights flashing.Then hold down the NF6 BIND switch, at the same time ensure that the remote control throttle channel is the lowest position,make NF6 power switch to “ON”, then NF6 red LED indicator light will start flashing.Observe DSM2 receiver status lights,wait until the status light long bright.Unplug DSM2 high frequency to frequency line, again with electricity, can be normal use.
2. Ranging
In normal use, according to BIND button 2 seconds long, into the distance mode, high-frequency head red LED indicator lights flashing.Distance measurement mode, if DSM2 receiver function that can be received within 10 m distance signals, is working properly.Again according to the high frequency head button 2 seconds long, the red LED indicator long on, is out of range model, into the normal working mode.
3. Normal Use
Each boot, to ensure that the remote control throttle channel is the lowest position, otherwise high frequency head won’t start.Especially the FUTABA factory Settings control throttle channel is reverse, users need to dispatch the throttle channel.After startup, observe state of red leds, red LED long bright just said high-frequency head work.
4. Charging
When charge need to pull out the signal line from the remote control.After the blue LED flashing is charging time, full charging is blue LED grow light.

Notice: For the FUTABA, transmitter you will need to purchase an extension cord.

Package includes:

1 x NF6 high-frequency head
1 x 2.4 G antenna.
1 x USB charging line
1 x magic stick.
1 x manual.

 Recommended Battery Charge for Super X Quadcopter Kit


Lithium Battery Charger for RC Quadcopters
Super X Quadcopter Battery Charger



Suitable for Hubsan X4, WLtoys, UDI, JXD, and Syma Quadcopters

Great Videos from SeBy DocKy showing the Super-X




Item Name: X4 4 in 1 Quadcopter battery charger
Voltage input: DC 5V
Voltage output: 4.2V ± 5%
Current output: 350mAh – 410 mAh


Charging 4 battery at one time
Over charge protection for every charing port
Short circuit protection
Not including any batteries

Charging time needed for reference:

charge 4* 240MAH batteries about 1.5h
charge 4* 380MAH batteries about 2.5h
charge 4* 500MAH batteries about 3h

Compatible RC Quadcopter batteries

Hubsan: H107 H107L H107C H107D
Walkera:QR Ladybird,
Wltoys: V202 V939 V252 V343
UDI: U816 U816A U830
JXD: 385 388 392
Syma: X5 X5C
FY: FY310 FY310B
DFD: F180

Package Included:

1 x charger
1 x USB


Click Link Below for the F450 Quadcopter Kit
Larger RC Quadcopter Kits


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