WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 RC Helicopter Review

RC Helicopter Review | WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 | Best Beginner RC Helicopter

The Drone Flyers Team have been fortunate to have been sent one of these outstanding RC Helicopters for review purposes from Banggoods European site. I will personally Fly this this RC Helicopter as a complete beginner to RC Helicopter flying and will my son-in-law Jackson a competent experienced Helicopter flyer and put it through comprehensive testing. I will look at the availability of spares and how easy it is to work and repair. I will also post up videos and links to other reviews so you have all the information, everything you need to make an informed purchase decision.

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RC Helicopter Review
Great Looking and Performing RC Helicopter from WLtoys the Power Star X1

First WLtoys  V977 RC Helicopter Flight

First Impressions of the V977 Power Star

The V977  RC Helicopter is extremely well packaged with separate compartments for the Helicopter, RC Transmitter and Accessories very impressive.

RC Helicopter Package
V977 RC Helcopter Packaging
 Wltoys  RC Transmitter
V977 RC Transmitter courtesy of Banggood

This is the same RC Transmitter used on the fantastic WLtoys V931 2.4G 6CH Brushless Scale Lama Flybarless RC Helicopter another great RC Helicopter for beginners and experience RC Helicopter flyers CLICK THIS LINK This is an excellent Transmitter

As a beginner to RC Helicopter Flying I really like the ability to switch between 6G and 3D modes. The flybarless configuration delivers great stability in 6G mode making a perfect learning tool for RC Helicopter Beginners.

First Flight of the WLtoys V977 Power Star RC Helicopter
I got up really early today Easter Monday 2015 as I had received my Power Star V977 WLtoys from Banggood and really wanted to test it out. I have only flown a handful of RC Helicopters and have move to flying Helicopters recently after flying Drones and Quadcopters over the last 18 months. The transition from super smooth, stable Quadcopters to flying Helicopters hasn’t been without incident but I’m enjoying it.
The Power Star V977 is by far the easiest RC Helicopter I have flown and once the battery was fully charged I had it up in the air in a matter of minutes. Unlike some of the other RC Helicopters I felt really in control of this model, take off was smooth and effortless and in no time at all I had it hovering. I flew it round the garden without much trouble the V977 was very responsive to the transmitter without getting that jerky response you sometimes get.

Spare Batteries for your V977 are a must CLICK THIS LINK

Years ago flying these amazing collective pitch RC Helicopters would have been a very expensive undertaking but now you can buy one of these flying machines for under $100. The video below explains how collective pitch RC Helicopters work enabling then to  deliver both positive and negative thrust so they can perform outstanding acrobatics.

Collective Pitch Brushless Motor RC Helicopter

Great Video from RC 101 explaining how Collective Pitch RC Helicopters work

WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 RC Helicopter Description:

Rotor Diameter: 245 mm
Body Length: 270 mm
Height: 77mm
Weight 48.5g
Battery: 3.7V 450mAh 25C
RC Helicopter Flight time: About 6-7 minutes
Main Motor: Brushless 1106
Tail Motor: Brushed 0715
Size of Original Package: 40.6*30.2*15.2 cm

RC Helicopter Review
Size of the Power Star X1 RC Helicopter

V 977 Power Star X1 RC Helicopter Features:

1. Flybarless CP helicopter, aerodynamically designed to achieve
unparalleled stability
2. V977Battery 1S 3.7V 450mAh 25C
3. V977 Brushless outrunner (1106) motor
4. Transmitter has 3D aka Idle-Up switch, Throttle Hold switch, large LCD,
low voltage warning.
Hovering midpoint setting allows setting of the hovering point.
5. Transmitter supports switching between 3-axis & 6-axis gyro modes
6. 3D Mode activates 3-axis gyro, enables aerobatics such as flips, rolls
inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks
7. Normal (aka 6G) activates 6-axis gyro, allows stable flight, suitable
for beginners
8. USB charger 2 at a time
9. Flying weight: 48.5g; Flight time: 6-7 mins
10. Transmitter can switch from Mode 1 to Mode 2, vise versa.
11. 3D flight 3 axis gyro, control performance is perfect, can easily make
various stunts.
12. 6G use 6 axis gyro, flight performance and stability, easy operation,
suitable for beginners to flight.

1 x WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 RC Helicopter(New Original Package)
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Main Blade
1 x Tail Blade
1 x Screwdriver Set
1 x Manual

Spare Parts for the Wltoys Power Star X1 RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter Spare Parts
Spare power Star X1 RC Helicopter Blades


Spare Helicopter Parts
Power Star Canopy


RC Helicopter Spare Parts
V977 Power Star Receiver Board
RC Helicopter Spare Parts
V977Power Star Main Frame


Please Note a Bind and Fly version (without the RC Transmitter) of this great RC Helicopter is available fro Banggood CLICK THIS LINK



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