Xiro Xplorer Mini Foldable Smartphone Selfie Drone


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Xplorer Mini from Xiro | Foldable Drone with Dual GPS and Indoor Positioning System | The Ultimate Selfie Drone

Xiro are calling this Xplorer Mini ‘The Ultimate Selfie Drone’ It’s a small foldable drone that is flown by using your smartphone rather than a traditional remote control.

XIRO XPLORER MINI DRONE The Ultimate Selfie Drone
Xiro Xplorer Mini Foldable Drone

This may be a small sized Drone but it will be packed with some great features and functionality. It’s no wonder Xiro are calling the Xplorer Mini as The Ultimate Selfie Drone. It will come with Dual GPS system, Waypoint settings so you can program it to fly to certain waypoints mapping out its journey making it great for outdoor flying and capturing 360 degree images of buildings, monuments almost anything you would like to film from all angles.
It will also have a Follow Me function to track and film you participating in your favourite sport or pastime. You will be able to set the camera to snap and take Selfie images or record video footage.
Xiro will also imbed a special indoor flight positioning system into the Xplorer Mini Selfie Drone making it suitable for capturing great indoor video footage

It will be priced at around the $400 mark and should be released by Xiro in May or early June.

Xiro Explorer Mini Selfie Drone
Xplorer Mini Foldable Dual GPS Selfie Drone

We can expect to see more of these types of Foldable FPV Drones hitting the market in 2016. Many of the ‘Toy’ Drone makers will produce Low Priced Coreless Motor Foldable Quadcopter Drones with similar construction to the Xplorer Mini but this model will come with powerful brushless motors, advanced gyroscopic stabilization system and a half decent high definition camera. The Dual GPS module should ensure good altitude and positioning hold.

The flight control boards are improving in leaps and bounds so the lack of a dedicated gimbal is less important than it was 12 months ago. Complex if-then algorithms and gyros built into the cameras sorting out the vibrations so smooth Jello free video can be captured.

I expect a shift toward these foldable portable drones flown using smartphone apps rather than the heavier 350 size DJI Phantoms that use remote control transmitters. Nine Eagles will release a Foldable Mola Drone but first pictures indicate that the Mola Foldable Camera Drone will be considerably larger than the Xplorer Mini.

Nine Eagles Mola Foldable Drone
Nine Eagles Mola

The Mola take anywhere drone will have the option of being flown by a traditional remote control transmitter or by your smartphone.

Xplorer Mini foldable take anywhere Drone
Take anywhere Xplorer Mini Selfie Drone

Smaller sized Xplorer Mini take anywhere foldable Selfie Camera Drone

Are Foldable FPV Take Anywhere Drones the Future?

The GoPro Karma Drone should be released in 2016 and there have been rumours that Apple  will release an iDrone. Whether either of these models will be foldable has yet to be confirmed but I do expect them both to be take anywhere drones that will capture decent video.

Xplorer Mini FPV Camera Drone

The Xiro Xplorer Mini has been developed and designed in collaboration with Qualcomm presumably using a variation of their ‘SnapDragon’ Flight control system and Tencent who will release a version for Chinese sales called the Tencent Ying a variation on the Xplorer Mini. The lightweight 410 gram Xplorer Mini has a 13 Mega pixel fisheye camera has an optical image stabilization system and records video at a somewhat dissapointing1080 at 30 frames per second.

The indoor optical flow sensors enable a unique indoor positioning functionality not seen before in a low priced foldable drone. You will get approximately 12 to 15 minutes flying time from the fully charged 1300mAh intelligent drone battery. The smartphone app has a one-key takeoff and land feature with low voltage battery alarm and one press return to home. Xiro are using a proprietary WiFi image transmission system and the app can alter settings in the Xplorer Mini camera.


The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Drone Development Platform

I’m not 100% sure of the exact details of the agreement between Xiro, Qualcomm and Tencent but I’m sure they all are working closely on the half credit card sized board to design the drones of the future. Snapdragon Flight has advanced processing power enabling rapid software development and has been developed specifically for consumer-friendly Drones. It has a top grade GPS system and it is based on the Snapdragon 801 processor.

Xiro have the experience in building the Drones, Qualcomm the technology and Tencent have massive marketing power.

By the look of the Xplorer Mini and the features it will come with leads me to believe that we are entering a new stage of drone development. Small foldable easy to fly camera drones. The fast processing power of the board should deliver a very stable and smooth flying experiece. It should also make them far safer, with fast motor shut down and avoidance sensors as standard. Rather than a drone that carries a camera as in the DJI Phantom types these new breed will be advanced flying cameras, aerial photography robots programmed to capture superb imagery from ever angle.