XK Detect X380C RC Quadcopter

Best Aerial Photography Quadcopter Drone | X380C Quadcopter Review

29-06-2015: Video shot with stock camera. This was the very first time Jackson had flown the X380-C RC Quadcopter

(Please change your YouTube settings to HD 1080 for a better viewing experience)

28-06-2015: After testing the X380-C for 6 days we challenge anyone to show us a better Aerial Photography Quadcopter for the money. It is simple to set up, it functions exactly how it should and it is an absolute dream to fly. If the  XK Range of Quadcopters are all as good as this model the we are in for a real treat. For a little over $500 you get superb functionality, precise position hold, unbelievable stability, fail safe systems that let you fly with complete confidence it is the Best Aerial Photography Quadcopter available in the $500 price bracket. If you are looking to advance from Low Priced  Toy/Hobby Grade models to something you can use on a more professional level then this is for you. We have so far tested using the stock camera the SJ4000 and the results are excellent. Next we will attach the GoPro Hero 3 and truly believe we can capture footage that will equal if not better anything from a Phantom. It’s a bold claim  but we think its doable and welcome the challenge. One thing we are sure of, if you buy this model you will 100% enjoy it! Click on the image below you will see the X380_C is a high flyer,

X380-C RC Quadcopter
High up above the X380-C has no equals

22-6-2015: Cloud Nine, a dream come true. I’ve thought about flying a Real’ Quality Aerial Photography Quadcopter for a long time and my first flight of the XK Detect X380C was a dream come true. The Camera, Gimbal and Flight characteristics exceeded all my expectations it was an absolute joy. Will post some images up tomorrow weather permitting . It came with Gimbal and Camera attached well balanced propellers, charged up the big 5400 mAh battery, compass calibration and I was up in the air. Super smooth video capture. CLICK THIS LINK I had visions 0f a complicated Camera and Gimbal set up not so it was all done and ready to fly. The Camera is a version of the SJ4000 I’m sure and I’m not even going to bother to attach the GoPro 3 until I’ve fully tested the stock camera as I’m 100% sure it will deliver outstanding footage.

XK X380-C Images
Image Capture from the X380-C

Packed full of great features the XK Detect X380-C Quadcopter looks the perfect entry point for those wishing to enjoy hHgh Quality Aerial Photography and Videography. The Drone Flyers Team were so impressed with the features and options this Low Priced Aerial Photography Quadcopter offers as it looks the perfect platform for all Quadcopter and Drone Flyers to move up from flying toy/hobby grade Quadcopters to one that offers a more professional experience that we went out an ordered the X380C as soon as it became available. The Drone Flyers Team think the XK Detect RC Quadcopter C version looks tasty bit of kit and we are desperate to get our hands on one. What is automatically attractive about this Camera Drone is that it comes with a decent Gimbal and High Definition Camera a must for those who are passionate about capturing great aerial imagery. We will be receiving our XK Detect 380C Quadcopter around the 21-6-2015 and we will be carrying out the most extensive Quadcopter Review we have ever undertaken. We have never been so excited over a Quadcopter release and we will pull out all the stops to show the true potential of this Quadcopter Camera Drone. This will be our adventure into the world of quality aerial photography and videography and the Drone Flyers team welcome you to join us. We hope that this X380C from XK RC Quadcopter range will offer the first real low priced alternative to the Phantom DJI  Quadcopter range that have dominated the market space for the last few years. We think the X380C will and will do our utmost to prove it.

X380 Aerial Photography Quadcopter
First Flight Aerial Photo

XK are set to become a leading player and over the new few months  are releasing a number of innovative models including the impressive Air Dancer X350 Stunt Quadcopter and the  Low Priced Alien X250 Quadcopter. Many of their RC models due are compatible with the Futuba S-FHSS protocol and they have Bind and Fly range of RC Helicopters designed to be used with Futaba S-FHSS Transmitters. They are serious about this business and we are sure the X380C will reflect this.

The XK Detect X380C RC Quadcopter with HD Camera and Gimbal has just gone on sale at Banggood CLICK THIS LINK for just over $500

X380-C Quadcopter
X380-C Photograph from the Stock Camera

We have looked at a few alternatives, the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter was the main contender but what we liked about the XK Detect X380-C was the fact that you can use a variety of cameras, the versatility of the platform. We will test with the stock HD Camera, a GoPro, the excellent value Xiaomi Yi Action Camera ,  and the Blackview Hero 2 Action Camera. The B version of the XK Detect 380 has a simple mount for Mobius action camera and if it is possible we will obtain one and mount it on this Model so we can test and review the Mobius Range of Action Cameras on this X380C RC Quadcopter. We will publish video, aerial  photography images from different Action Cameras  and and videos the XK Detect in flight.

Update 15-6-2015 : The X380 manual we received today indicates that the XK Detect X380C Quadcopter is only compatible with the GoPro 3 and the high definition XK Camera. When we receive the X380C we will be better placed to see if modifications can be done to add a variety of action cameras. We are fortunate to have a GoPro 3 so we will use this and the XK Camera to conduct our first video tests.

Hopefully before the X380C Quadcopter arrives we can get a PDF copy of the user manual so we can study it in depth. As soon as the XK Detect 380C Quadcopter arrives we will carry out an unboxing review, charge the Quadcopter battery, get everything set up and ensure the propellers are well balanced. This XK 380c RC Quadcopter Review will be ongoing as much of our time this summer will be devoted to testing the XK 380C RC Quadcopter it is something we are all really looking forward to.

XK Detect 380-C Quadcopter Review
XK Detect One Key Take Off and Landing

The Advanced Features of the XK Detect 380C Quadcopter are numerous and include the following functionality

One key take off and landing. No risk of tipping on taking off and landing protecting the propellers blades from any damage. Press to take off, press to bring down effortlessly

Tight GPS positioning within a half a meter accuracy so you can fly the XK Detect X380C Quadcopter to exactly where you want it to be and capture perfect aerial images and video.

Accurate height position again within a half a meter, The vertical accuracy is enabled by air pressure settings another plus for the XK X380C Detect Quadcopter.

XK Detect 380C Quadcopter
Circle Hovering Feature of the XK Detect 380C

Circular Photography and video capture. With this functionality you can set a radius distance The XK 380C Quadcopter will fly around a certain fixed point in a circular motion and capture a 360 degree panoramic video or photographs of a landmark, building or landscape. This makes the X380C perfect for Real Estate Imagery, Tourism Photography and video and much much more.

Great fail-safe feature that returns the XK Detect 380-C to its take off point should it stray out of range.

Low voltage protection to ensure a safe landing for the 380-C if your Lithium Quadcopter is near running out of charge. These fail-safe features ensure you can concentrate on aerial photography and video capture without the worry of losing or crashing your X380C Camera Drone.

1000 meter Remote Control distance

XK Detect 380-C Quadcopter
The XK Detect Boasts 2 Headless Modes

The XK Detect Quadcopter has a Super Headless Mode an Intelligent Orientation Control that can be set so no matter which way the Quadcopter is pointing toward forward is always forward and backward  always backwards.

Powerful brushless motors and an impressive  11.1V  5400mAh  20C Lithium battery ensure the X380C Camera Drone version with the camera mounted has a long twenty two minute flight time.

The signal from the Remote Control Transmitter is  2,8Ghz anti-interference, Safer flying with the X380C Aerial Photography Quadcopter

CLICK THIS LINK For Lowest Price Available

XK Detect X380-C RC Quadcopter
Steady in the Sky X380-C RC Quadcopter

XK 380C RC Quadcopter Design and Build

The style of the XK 380 models mimics that of the WLtoys V303 Quadcopter and it is made in a High Quality Plastic composite with a faux carbon fiber finish. The 380 size makes it suitable to be transported in a back pack.

XK Detect 380- QuadcopterC
Package Contents for the XK 380C RC Quadcopter Camera Drone

XK Detect Box Contents

In your box you will receive the following items
1 x X380C Detect Quadcopter
1 x Flight Controller (Remote Control Quadcopter Transmitter)
1 x XK Detect X380-C Manual
1 x HD Camera
1 x Drone Camera Gimbal
1 x Lithium Quadcopter Battery Charger
4 x Spare Propeller Blades
1 x Lithium Quadcopter Battery
1 x Card Reader
1 x Data line

CLICK THIS LINK For Delivery Details

X380-C Quadcopter
Precise Exact Position Hold

XK Detect X380C Quadcopter Review

X380-C Drone Camera
More from the X380-C Stock Camera

Coming Soon full in-depth Quadcopter Review of the XK Detect X380C including video footage, photography and flight characteristics

X380C RC Quadcopter
Basic X380  Front View Configuration
XK Detect X380 RC Quadcopter
Rear View of the XK Detect X380

XK Detect X380-C Manual Rewrite


I will be completely rewriting the X380 Quick Start Guide with detailed pictures and videos. Many of the instructions in the PDF document I received on the 15-6-2015 are unclear or are badly translated. Paul for the Drone Flyers Team

Mode 2 X380 RC Quadcopter Transmitter Set Up

X380 Quadcopter Transmitter
XK Detect X380 Remote Control Transmitter

Quick Start Guide to assembling the X380C Quadcopter Including Propeller Balancing, Installing the Propellers. Setting the X380 up, Calibration and Pre-Flight Testing, Attaching the Gimbal, Installing the GoPro Hero 3 and the XK HD Camera

XK Dtect X380-c Quadcopter Review
Mode 2 and Mode 1 Flying Modes for the X380 RC Quadcopter

Choosing the Flying Mode

The XK Detect sent to you from the factory is configured to fly in Mode 2 with left hand throttle and yaw and right hand forward, backwards and pitch control. If your preference is to fly in Mode 1 then there is a button on the transmitter to switch to Mode 1 Please note Mode 3 and Mode 4 are obsolete for the XK Detect X380 RC Quadcopter

Attaching the Quadcopter Propellers

X380 RC Quadcopter
Ensure Correct Propeller Installation

As most of the owners of the X380C will be using it for aerial photography we strongly suggest you balance the propellers. Much of the Jello effect can be removed from aerial videos by balancing the propellers. If you are serious about aerial photography then a propeller balancing tool is an absolute must. This is the one we will be using Quadcopter Propeller Balancer
This seems like common sense but please ensure you select the correct propellers to match the motor direction otherwise your X380C will not take off and at worse could tip over and damage the propellers. Remove the propeller locking nuts and with the help of a 2.5 mm rod fasten the nut tightly by rotating it in the opposite direction to the motor. You must tighten the clockwise propellers in an anti-clockwise direction and vice versa. I will illustrate this as soon as the XK X380-C arrives.

Batteries for the Quadcopter Transmitter

You will need 6 AA sized batteries to power the transmitter. The indicator light on the remote control transmitter will flash and the LCD display will show if your batteries have a low voltage. If the voltage is low you must change the transmitter batteries immediately.

Charge your Quadcopter battery using the supplied Quadcopter battery charger

This section is unclear but it seems to indicate the charger will flash red when charging and then stay static red when charging is complete. (TBI) The x380 manual says you should  connect the standard adapter to the charger and connect the plug into a normal socket. When the battery is connected the red indicator light will flash and the battery is charging. When the red indicator stops flashing your Quadcopter battery will be fully charged.

Binding the X380-C Quadcopter to the transmitter

Please make sure the CF (headless mode) and Return to Home switches are set in the zero position (TBI)
You will get your X380C already coded to receive the signal from the transmitter. Switch on your transmitter, connect your Quadcopter battery. When the red indicator light stops flashing you will be able to test if your propeller blades are correctly installed by gently lifting your Quadcopter off the ground and bringing it down again.

X380 Quadcopter Motors
Arming the X380 Motores


The Quadcopter motors are engaged by moving the left stick to bottom left and right stick to bottom right (TBI). When you have landed your X380C repeat this action with the sticks to switch off and disengage the motors. You can then attempt the one key take-off and landing process Press and hold in the one key landing button for 2 seconds the motors will engage and your X380-C Quadcopter will lift to approximately one meter off the ground. If you press the button again for 2 seconds whilst flying the red indicator will flash and the Quadcopter will land and disengage the motors. Please note this is not a return to home function it is to bring your X380-C Quadcopter to land.

Check for GPS connection

Make sure you are away from any tall rise buildings this testing should be carried out in a large open space. Make sure you have at least 6 GPS satellites connected; this will be indicated by a slow flashing green light. (TBI)

Calibrating the Magnetic Sensor

It is advised that when you fly your Quadcopter in different locations you always re-trim the magnetic sensor, This is best illustrated by video and detailed images (TBI). Your X380 RC Quadcopter will need to be rotated both Horizontally and Vertically.

Bind the RC Quadcopter and Transmitter, the Led indicator will flash from red to green. Ensure your throttle lever is in its lowest position and push the head lock switch up and down at least three times. Your led light should turn and remain green. The Horizontal Trim should be effected first, making sure the Quadcopter is always in a Horizontal position the rotate it in a circular motion three times.As you are doing this ensure the green indicator light remains static. Place the X380 on a level surface with your transmitter throttle stick at its lowest position and repeat the head lock switch motion again three times up and down and the indicator light should go off. You can then perform the vertical magnetic calibration. This will be indicated by a red light and the X380C Quadcopter will need to be rotated in three circular motions to effect vertical calibration. When this is accomplished place the Quadcopter on a flat surface and pull the head lock lever backwards and forwards three times the green indicator will show your magnetic settings have been saved. The indicator light will then flash red and green showing your magnetic calibration was successful and your X380 RC Quadcopter is now ready to fly.

Please Note that if you see a yellow and red like flashing then your calibration has been unsuccessful and you will need to repeat the above processes to ensure safe flying

XK X380 Quadcopter Calibration
Calibrating the Magnetic Sensor

Using the Return to Home (RTH)

XK X380 RC Quadcopter RTH
XK DETECT X380 RC Quadcopter Return to Home

You can test the return to home function when the X380C Quadcopter is at least 20 meters away from your take off point. Engage the Return To Home with the switch (the red indicator light will stay solid) and the X380C will hover for a few seconds then it will rise in the air to approximately 20 meters and begin to return to the take-off point. Once it reaches its destination it will hover above the take off point for 20 seconds then descend, land and disengage the motors. The return to home will only work if there is a good GPS signal and at least 6 satellites are engaged.

LED Lights

The below diagram shows the Led light sequences. This has been copied from the manual and does not need re-writing I followed this and everything work perfectly. I love the big rear light is is easy to see in the sky .

XK Detect X380C RC Quadcopter
XK X380 Led Indicators

I’m sure the camera that come with it is a SJ4000 so here is the Camera Manual Download Page CLICK THIS LINK



This Video shows the real potential of the X380-C



  1. Hello,
    I bought the xk detect x380 in order to add a gimbal and a camera as soon as the seller will have it on stock. The question is what is the difference between the x380 standard version with added xk camera and a gimbal and the x380-c ( that equipped with a gimbal and a camera in the original version)

  2. Thanks for the review. It seems really impressive, a true flying video platform.
    I wonder if the x380 standard version has a connector to power a gimbal with 12V or must improvise something directly from the battery pack? Also to add a FPV system?

  3. I have the X380 standart and i mounted my own gimbal + video transmitter.
    I had to make my own cable to power the gimbal and transmitter

    -Here is the power cable i ‘ve made using 3 male JST plug: http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=565085DoubleurJST.jpg

    -My gimbal : http://www.banggood.com/fr/FPV-2-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-With-Controller-For-DJI-Phantom-GoPro-3-p-908068.html

    -My camera : http://www.banggood.com/fr/FPVfactory-FPV-Factory-G3-HD1080p-FPV-Sport-Camera-For-Gopro-Gimbal-p-967437.html

    -Boscam video transmitter 5.8ghz @~15€

    -I used a green cable to have manual control of the pitch (connected to the last pin on X380 and to the “signal pin” of my gimbal): http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=192422XKX3805.jpg

    Here is video example (Youtube compression is bad: original video is better), it was a windy day -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc8ApqkEktE&feature=youtu.be

  4. Hei, thanks a lot Lionel for the fast response.
    You used the gimbal that I intend to buy, it’s cheap and has good reviews.
    Also, I want to use the Xiaomi Yi camera, that has an Ambarella sensor, it works better in low light conditions.
    This combination is significantly cheaper on GearBest than the C version on Banggood and i hope better.
    There are any problems calibrations with the gimbal?
    and how this quad deals with the wind? You said there was a windy day but the video is very stable.

  5. @droneflyer
    I used the “G3 factory fpv” camera.I took the photo with my LG G2 ^^

    The X380 is very stable even with wind.
    My gimbal was ready to use.I had just to change the settings about motor power (default settings was too hight so my gimbal was shakings).I used this vidéo to find good settings -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2S2r5f-AT0

    I just notice that when connect battery to fly, the neutral position of the gimbal is not good (so i use the radio button to set horizontal).The default settings in X380 has to be modify to obtain the horizontal position of my gimbal…
    I could not really change this in gimbal settings so i have to change this parameter in X380 software settings… if anyone knows the software to use to change X380 settings it would be perfect.

    • I will ask for you tomorrow Lionel when my contact is back. If you can please mail exactly what you would like to see not just only the Gimbal software but anything else droneflyers@gmail.com. The Circle Hovering Functionality should be released in the next firmware update

      • To be more precise, i need the software of X380 wich allows to change settings of the channel n°8 : it’s the channel wich is used on the radio via the wheel to control the Gimbal’s tilt. So i could set my Gimbal horizontal by default.

        In conclusion: It’s just the software to change the settings of the flight controller… (like the software of DJI Phantom)

        I’ll send you this message to your mail.

        Thank you 🙂

    • I’ve a boscam 200mw.
      With my bad monitor(with integrated receptor–> it’s the monitor of the V686g which costs ~38€ ^^ ) i ‘ve a range of ~250m.I’m waiting for a couple of pinwheel antenna i just baught.
      With 200mw and good antennas i saw people having a range of > 500m and more…

      • Thanks, yes, two types of antennas should improve the range spectacularly. Pls. let us know when you will try this.
        But the X360 can reach 1000m as in specs?

  6. @Marius
    Yes of course.I’ll give my results as soon as a have my pinwheel antennas.
    Right, X380 radio can control it to a range of ~1000m
    For fpv, with boscam 200mw, good receptor and antennas this guy reach 3km ^^… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExhpARf6Iuc

    So for fpv 200mw video transmittor is enough with good antennas.

  7. Hi what about the battery , on BG there is info 170gram weight, but it for sure is a mistake, and what the flight time ??
    I’m owner of previous model v303 and thinking about buy this model only for the long flight
    so please share info about that

    • I’m in the UK at the moment Michal so I can’t weigh the battery for you but will do on my return. It’s a big 5400 mAh so the 170gram maybe correct, it sure is heavy. As for flight time with camera and gimbal I will test but 20 minutes plus is possible I’m sure of that. The failsafe RTH Low voltage protection is a great feature.

  8. hi i have some queries for u guys, i want to buy a xk detect 380 drone,,,should i buy xk 380c version or should i buy xk 380 standard version and other parts seperately like gimbal and video transmitter and receiver,,plz suggest me some good deals for live video streaming

    • It all depends how confident you are of installing a Gimbal. As Wifi could be an issue I would suggest you don’t go down that route. Hopefully I will have some news back in the morning regarding what software is available as you will need this to correctly install a third party gimbal and set it up. What I like about the X380C is that it is completely set up ready to fly out of the box. I not the greatest fan of FPV so it suits me perfectly.

  9. thank u so much for such a fast response…but what if i want to have fpv on xk 380c,,is there any cheaper way to install it

  10. I think Lionel is the person to respond to this as he set up the 380 for FPV and will also ask my contacts in China what they think the best option is.

  11. from which site should i buy xk 380? banggood or gearbest…coz gearbest has offered a very good price of 294 us dollar.

  12. hi lionel,where can i find extra battery for this quadcopter or i can use other quadcopter’s battery with same capacity and size?

  13. Meanwhile gearbest updated the price and now is the same to banggood. I ordered on GB few days ago, paid with PayPal but they ask now photos of my ID and photo of my credit card!!??? What??? Why?? On PP the transaction appears as finished. Anyone heard about such a procedure? I’m not going to send them any picture. Meanwhile the order is on hold and my money in their pocket.

  14. Hi Marius,,,yes same thing happened with me today,,,i have ordered xiaomi yi cam 2 days ago but they didn’t go for further processing so i asked them why and they said its just for security purpose that they want to be sure that the card holder and the person who ordered the item were same or not…but this is bullshit…but i have sent my passpot and my credit card with hidden digit as they have instructed to me to do so except last 4 digit..but its stil on hold.

  15. Cannot understand why they ask this, they have the money already from PayPal, paypal is not good enough for them for secure identity? Why to send my id and card picture to some Chinese vendor? Never heard on any e commerce site.

  16. Just wondered why you Guys chose GB over BG? If you continue to get any issues please let me know and I will speak to them on your behalf on Monday. I speak with BG on most weekdays and GB on a regular basis so I’m always here if you have issues

  17. @droneflyer
    Thanks, I’ll let you know how this go on.
    I chose GB cause they were cheaper and I had good business before this (fast shipping, fear price for EMS shipping).

  18. ya i thought the same for gb over bg,,,they offers cheaper price and shipping options with insurance too,,,but i am never going to choose gb again

  19. After having conversation with gb,,they said this “We noticed that you have paid on Paypal via echeck whick takes 3-10 business days to clear and appear on our paypal account. We will ship your order out as soon as your payment appears on our paypal account”. they want me to wait for 2 days more

  20. Hey guys I would like to find out if the x380-c has control over the gimbal on the transmitter like pich an roll

  21. Thanks guys very helpful just sux that they advertise it I really liked that feature that’s what made it stand out for the price

    • BG have informed me that the circle hovering feature is not yet available ;( These guys rush to market publish details that are misleading. That being said I love the X380-C and hope the circle hovering will come with the firmware update

  22. Definitely Gearbest sucks. They split my order and meanwhile I received the PTZ gimbal and Xiaomi camera but nothing about Detect x380 that was in the same order: no tracking number for the second half of order, only automatic answers “wait some more days” and s.o. The live chat is a fake, always are some 30 customers in front of me, you can wait hours and still have 30 customers in front. I didn’t find a service phone number, they have one? And they answer if yes? I’m very frustrated watching my gimbal (that btw seems that works very good).

  23. ya Gearbest has terrible service….they have cancelled my order and told me to wait for 30 days for refund….its almost 20 days for waiting…..they have asked me some documents for verification…before they verified my documents,they cancelled my order and then verified my documents….WTF they are….

  24. Hey, hope that my “saga” receiving the X380 quad is finished.
    AfTer I canceled the order and requested refund, with the kind help of Droneflyer through a contact at gearbest (thank you again, droneflyer) they sent it with DHL. It’s supposed to arrive in a few days.
    It’s almost a month from the order date…
    Of course I will update when I’ll touch it.

  25. Thanks for the update Marius. We all don’t want delivery issues it’s so so frustrating, we want to buy a Quad and get up there flying. Sometimes the vendors don’t realize this. Still it’s a nascent industry things will get sorted out and we will enjoy it, for sure!

  26. my country has banned drone so my xk detect is now stuck in custom…they said they can’t allow me to take my quad…it feels so heartbreaking….

  27. Hi,,finally i have recovered my parcel from custom…but i can’t fly my quad without permission from different level of authorities like civil aviation authority of my country…i m trying to find out the solution by approaching different organisation to get permit..because i have heard that civil aviation authority will not give permission to any individual person to fly any kind of drone here in Nepal…so be careful guys..if anyone is thinking about visit Nepal with their quad-copter then think twice. you will be in trouble without any prior notice…

  28. Hi…I need some help…after some minutes my xk detect 380 light blinks red only and after that it doesn’t fly…i have to disconnect the battery and reconnect it to fly…why its like that..and my gimbal pitch control is also not working…a night ago,,it was perfectly working but now its not .your help will be appreciated…and my

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