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Best Beginner RC Helicopter | Blast XK 110 Helicopter

Best Beginner RC Helicopter
Best Beginner RC Helicopter the XK 110 Blast from Banggood

XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter CLICK THIS LINK

If you are looking to get into Remote Control Helicopter flying the the XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter is the perfect place to start. I’m new to flying RC Helicopters, I’ve tried a few and found the transition from flying super stable RC Quadcopters to RC Helicopter difficult until I received this model. I would like to thank Banggood  for supplying this fantastic RC Helicopter so I can carry out an honest and impartial review.

As with all XK models this RC Helicopter comes very well packed and presented in a strong box with a plastic carry strap making in a perfect companion to take out anywhere with you. Inside the box are three smaller boxes one containing your Blast XK K110 RC Helicopter, one with spare parts and one with the remote control transmitter.

RC Helicopter
Remote Control RC Helicopter XK 110 Blast from Banggood
RC Helicopter
Latest RC Helicopter from Banggood the super stable XK 110 Blast

XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter CLICK THIS LINK

First Flight of the XK110 Blast RC Helicopter

After charging the RC Helicopter battery, adding the canopy, inserting batteries into the transmitter I was ready to go. A gentle input on the trottle stick and the blades were spinning giving it a little more trottle and the XK K110 RC Helicopter lifted itself off the ground. I found the previous models I had tried very unstable at this stage as the propeller wash tended to push the helis side to side but not so with the XK110. The Blast was a dream and to my amazement I soon had it up it the air and flying around my garden. I managed over 5 minutes on my first flight and managed to land it perfectly something that again I had found hard with the other models I had tried.

I could not believe how user friendly this model XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter is. If you are looking to experience the joys of RC Helicopter flying and are not sure where to begin your journey then I would highly recommend this XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter from Banggood.

First Flight of the XK K110 Blast Helicopter

Once you get used to flying the XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter you can enter it into 3D flying mode and perform great stunt flying

Blast RC Helicopter
Experience 3D flying Stunts with the XK K110 Blast Helicopter from Banggood

3D mode for experienced RC Helicopter Flyers

I would like to point out at this stage that this XK K110 Blast RC Helicoper is not just for beginners my son-in-law a seasoned RC Helicopter flyer took this little beauty for a test flight around the garden and he could not believe how much fun this little RC Helicopter was. You have the option of switching from 6 Gyro mode to 3D mode and peforming intricate stunts turning the great stable flyer into a superb stunt heli.

First Flight test by an experienced RC Helicopter Flyer

Best Beginner RC Helicoper
XK 110 Blast RC Helicopter from Banggood


 To summarise: Easy to take off and land, great flight stability, excellent transmitter, fast battery charge makes the XK K110 Blast the perfect beginner RC Helicopter. This is a model you will want to fly at every opportunity as it offers the user extreme controllable flying fun. My initial attempts at flying RC Helicopters were filled with anguish and frustration but I can now say that I absolutely love flying this model RC Helicopter. I have the XK Detect 380-C Quadcopter its is a superb entry level Aerial Photography and now I have most probably the very best beginner RC Helicopter you can buy. Thanks once again to Banggood and thanks to XK for their innovation they make superb RC products.
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XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter Description

Rotor Diameter: 245 mm
Body Length: 270 mm
Height: 77mm
Flying weight: 58.5g
Battery: 3.7V 450mAh 25C
Flight time: About 6-7 minutes
Main Motor: Brushless 1106 11000KV
Tail Motor: Brushed 0716
Control Distance: About 120m
Charging Time: About 50-60 Minutes
3D and 6G mode;3D aerobatics;Hovering flight;Small and big rudder setting.

Transmitter can switch from Mode 1 to Mode 2, vise versa.

Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS

XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter Features:

1 Flybarless CP helicopter, aerodynamically designed to achieve unparalleled stability
2 Brushless 1106 motor power is stronger.Battery 3.7V 450mAh 25C
3 Transmitter supports switching between 3-axis & 6-axis gyro modes
4 3D Mode activates 3-axis gyro, enables aerobatics such as flips, rolls inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks
5 Normal (aka 6G) activates 6-axis gyro, allows stable flight, suitable for beginners
6 Transmitter has 3D aka Idle-Up switch, Throttle Hold switch, large LCD,low voltage warning.
Hovering midpoint setting allows setting of the hovering point.
7 Special USB charger, can charge 2 batteries.

Package Includes:

1 x XK K110 Blast RC Helicopter
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
1 x Battery Charger
1 x RC Helicopter Battery
2 x Helicopter Propellers Blades
1 x Gear
1 x Blast RC Helicopter Manual